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Quandary Resolutions by Bud Myte

  • #8148 submitted 10/02/2019: apophenia, pleach, sawbones, tricolate, v.

    Well, doctor, following upon the evening's festivities I retired alone to the pleached interlacings of the laburnum arbour - my private sanctuary,  the work of no untutored sawbones but of my devoted Head Gardener - when I happened to glance up, only to see that it had been tricolated with multicoloured party streamers which, owing to my diagnosed apophenia, I read as confirmation that my wife would soon enough run off with the milkman.

  • #8146 submitted 10/01/2019: besaiel, witch doctor, mitigate, anthrozoology, n.

    When I entered the playroom there was little Jackie bawling and brandishing his rattle like any witch doctor, while our ancient besaiel, baby-minding from his old bath chair, was desperately trying to mitigate the racket by gurning baboon faces, in a curiously anthrozoological exercise of appeasement.

  • #8144 submitted 09/30/2019: thinko, Plutonian, buttress, hipped, adj.4

    When I agreed to buttress the home team by participating in last Friday's fundraising film quiz I perhaps should have foreseen the inclusion of Disney trivia, but was under the misapprehension that the Plutonian reference was to classical mythology and not to that jaundiced cartoon dog; and therefore I plead 'mea culpa' for what in today's hipped parlance is, I believe, termed a thinko.

  • #8142 submitted 09/29/2019: contumacy, Neptunian, Elysian, meeple, n.

    My dear people -  subjects, serfs, whatever - thanks to Neptunian intervention, the rising Thames having now most expeditiously submerged those contumacious un-Parliamentary shenanigations, I welcome you one and all, dear meeple, to the Elysian good life under the sole management of me, your absolute and imperishable Monarch.

  • #8140 submitted 09/28/2019: contumacy, Uranian, hegemony, doxa, n.

    While the enduring doxa of our clergy may occasionally accommodate - how shall I put it? -  recreational Uranian activity, this behaviour cannot be construed as a wilfully aberrant contumacy, but on the contrary emulates the hegemonic example set by our archbishop, whose partiality for cultivating the green carnation is well known.

  • #8138 submitted 09/27/2019: contumacy, saturnine, cleave, sprag, n.2

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker, while we must apparently endure the rank contumacy of the Opposition in continually refusing to call for a General Election, and while I am resigned to ad hominem verbal abuse - 'cloven-hoofed, saturnine doom-monger' and the like - as Leader of the House I take gross exception to being dubbed a sprag, which term the Honourable Member should know is one of obsolete invective altogether superfluous when directed at an old Etonian who has, after all, every right to assume both social and intellectual superiority.

  • #8136 submitted 09/26/2019: indefeasible, learn the ropes, frowsy, embarrassment, n.

    'It is without a smidgin of embarrassment that - as I daresay the Supreme Court  will presently allow - I, your annointed Leader, hereby assert my indefeasible right to prorogue Parliament not for the tenth, not for the eleventh, but - wait for it! - yes my friends for the twelfth time, and shall continue so to do until that frowsy, malodorous lot of lame Lefties' (addressing the Opposition Benches) 'eventually learns the ropes.'

  • #4449 submitted 01/09/2013: conterminous, carpe diem, buttonhole, pseudomorph

    Leaning over the fence (our back gardens being conterminous) my neighbour buttonholed me to say that the rosebuds I was just then swiftly gathering were malformed pseudomorphic sports; to which I carelessly replied  "carpe diem, old chum", knowing that I was to be shot at dawn.


  • #4444 submitted 01/08/2013: praxis, factitious, ramify, pseudology

    Satan's devotion to the spread of pseudology is clearly not factitious, for it is ever his praxis to ramify untruth throughout the world.

  • #4437 submitted 01/07/2013: cogent, burgess, pedagogical, pseudonymous

    Barney Blenkinsop gave the Headmaster cogent reasons for declining the offer of a pedagogical career in the Physics Department: namely that at interview the panel had failed to challenge several suspect entries in his curriculum vitae - including his own (but pseudonymous) stated name of Isaac Newton, and his listing as referees several upstanding burgesses poste restante Ruritania.

  • #4431 submitted 01/06/2013: nugacity, at first blush, quintessence, birl

    At first blush you might deem it an utterly trivial pursuit, the quintessence of nugacity indeed; but I tell you, there's nothing quite like burling your own fags and puffing on some Auld Kendal.

  • #4429 submitted 01/05/2013: nugacity, Twelfth cake, imperturbable, aumildar

    As strictly required by the terms of his employ, the aumildar remained coldly imperturbable when (on calling to collect from her the year's first weekly payment) Mrs Miggins merely simpered and declared that of course she would pay next time, urging him for now to take a slice of her Twelfth Cake - which impertinent, utterly nugacious offering he efficiently declined.


  • #4425 submitted 01/04/2013: nugacity, swage, doctrine of signatures, couthie

    That morning Gordon 'Simples' MacGordon was not in a couthie mood, indeed he was habitually curmudgeonly, dourly pressing out yet another eccentric swaged nipple while bemoaning the sheer nugacity of his occupation; for he had learnt that not only had demand for steel pipe products collapsed, but that lungwort - which the doctrine of signatures assured him was the remedy for his advanced pulmonary disease - was yet again unavailable in the staff canteen.

  • #4419 submitted 01/03/2013: pneumonic, cacophonous, festoon, violescent

    Charlie's pneumonic capacity as the orchestra's tuba player was legendary, originating from the evening when, during a furiously fortississimo cadenza in the bruitist post-Futurist concerto specially written for him, his visage became violescent with supreme effort and the cacophony so great that the plaster festoons and swags adorning the auditorium walls were dislodged and sent crashing to the floor.


  • #4416 submitted 01/02/2013: nouveau pauvre, Silent Sam, heliacal, advert

    It would be altogether odious were I to advert even en passant to the heliacal rise and fall of Voluble Victor, that sunny star of hedge fund fame and fortune who has turned into a morose Silent Sam since joining the lowly ranks of the nouveaux pauvres.

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