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Quandary Resolutions by Bud Myte

  • #523 submitted 12/29/2009: prude, impetuous, ominous, cajole

    She found it a trifle ominous that, having pursued her impetuously and at last cajoled her into stripping naked on the couch, he now prudishly declined even to step out from behind his figleaf of a camcorder.

  • #521 submitted 12/28/2009: beldam, fiddle, ergogenic, surreptitious

    And now another tumbril groaned past the awaiting tricoteuses, amongst whom an arthritic, wall-eyed beldam, surreptitiously fiddling with a dropped stitch, cackled "This'll take years off you!", as if endorsing the latest ergogenic restorative.

  • #513 submitted 12/27/2009: qualtagh, inexorably, Sturm und Drang, expatiate

    Exhilarated but exhausted after his New Year's Eve moonlit skinny-dip in the freezing Groudle of Lhen Coan, Professor Janusz Verzweiflungcki (a former internee, not a native Manxman) was hauled up, trembling and dripping, on to the river bank by an importuning qualtagh, but - never one to forego a captive audience - blindfolded, gagged and bound the abject peon niftily hand and foot before lugging him home to be the sullen beneficiary of (a) sight of a stale bonnag and (b) an impassioned and inexorable expatiation on the finer points of Haydn's Sturm und Drang style (with special reference to Hoboken XVI/20) - much to the qualtagh's immobile fury, for he had been keenly anticipating this sado-masochistic groundhog fest - ordained to comprise (as ever) the annual leisurely explication of 'Bebung' in C.P.E.Bach's fantasias for five-octave unfretted clavichord . . . and so, once untrussed, was minded to excoriate the Professor for his unscheduled departure from the norm - the utter liberty!

  • #510 submitted 12/26/2009: qualtagh, supernal, two-bit, hauteur

    According to the predictions of Nostradamus, an unusually prosperous 2010 will be ushered in by an overweening three-legged qualtagh arriving on an overhyped two-bit toboggan attended by an array of overbearing supernal beings - that's the hauteur theory, anyway.

  • #507 submitted 12/25/2009: acrophobia, chiliasm, malleable, embonpoint

    "Now start flapping, lad," shouted Daedalus, launching the fat little fellow, whose burgeoning comprehension involuntarily flew to embrace the concept of acrophobia; "them wings are chiliastic, should last you years and years and years and . . . " he waxed confidently and ever more faintly; but Icarus awarded him minus points for quality-control as, proximately sun-kissed, he began to moult heavily, plummeting to earth while, en passant, execrating both his dad's elevated hubris and his own imminently malleable embonpoint.

  • #500 submitted 12/24/2009: onomatomania, unobtrusively, malleable, lambent

    Whereas, in golden youth, he had proved himself a lion among literati, now in sere old age his lambent wit hardly flickered, his malleable mind calcified, his discourse reduced to mumbling onomatomania as he unobtrusively withdrew from company, mouthing despondently 'quad? . . . quan? . . . quad? . . . quan?'.

  • #491 submitted 12/23/2009: clinquant, astraphobia, dulse, baptism of fire

    "Arrrr, ho, ho, ho, pal," rumbled a rebarbative, indigent sidewalk Santa, ruddy-breasted, clinquant-clad, stupendously Brahms 'n' Liszt, obstructively and unseasonably cudgeling alms while heedlessly triggering both my astraphobia and my ineluctable r-ho-pal-icit-udina-rianis-trixity*; whereupon I felt impelled to respond in kind with a robust if ironically unfestive 'Go two, thou bawdy rascal, vamoose, rubicund ---' correctly surmising that the single transgressive homonymic makeshift might elude his lexical scrutiny; but, e'en before I had wit enow to formulate this cerebration, eftsoons he hailed me, spewing bloody imprecations (with spatterings of 'fucus') through his dulse-skeined beard, riposting with some vigour 'Wha' d' ya call me, ya piece o' shite, a ruby what?' - and in a twinking I regretted my bluff rejoinder, taking to my heels, severely and severally traumatised by his sartorial coruscation, his noxious dyspnoea, and (most of all) by my wan solecism - truly a hibernal baptism of fire and brimstone. *rhopalicitudinarianistrismus (Ger.): rare condition - the compulsion to spin out (Ausspinnung) stray concatenations of verbiage, asymptotically attaining semantic torpor through alphanumeric expansion.

  • #487 submitted 12/22/2009: dipsomania, altruistic, veracity, collude

    Unwilling to collude in the portrayal of his dipsomaniac uncle as an entertaining 'bon viveur', he insisted - as always on Boxing Day - upon unbridled veracity, lambasting him as a repellent old soak, and decreeing the imposition of 'cold turkey for everyone!' to be the droll epitome of festive altruism.

  • #480 submitted 12/21/2009: agoraphobia, frowst, arbitrary, dolorous

    Committed agoraphobic, shunning arbitrary encounters without, seeks undemanding companionship from soulmate of dolorous disposition looking to share frowsty basement flat for searching disquisitions on psychic anomie.

  • #475 submitted 12/20/2009: kebab, stertorously, groundling, iota

    Having kebabbed half a dozen of the lilliputian crew on a splinter, Polyphemus retired for his siesta, dozing stertorously; until - without an iota of compassion - Odysseus awoke him with a string of stentorious gibes - 'Boor! Groundling! Churl! Barbarian! - and in promptly ramming the greasy log into the Cyclops' eye only added injury to insult.

  • #470 submitted 12/19/2009: kebab, contiguous, quadrennial, capricious

    Transfixed by the polychrome contiguities of comestibles on his shish kebab he determined upon acquiring a vitrine of formaldehyde within which to immortalise and display it at the forthcoming quadrennial exhibition in Rome, capriciously entitling it: 'The talentless in thrall to a tantalus - the viewer skewered'.

  • #464 submitted 12/18/2009: pother, poltroon, finesse, diaphanous

    "To hell with finesse, Desiree, this is Shakespearean hard porn we're shooting, so just let Rodney rip off the diaphanous gown without making any pother, and then get right down to it like I told you - but keep talking real dirty . . . hey, what's Anne Hathaway's next line? - here we are: 'Give it to me, big boy, thou Stratford varlet, thou scurvy knave, thou poltroon . . .' - think you can manage that, Desiree? . . . O.K. then - action!"

  • #460 submitted 12/17/2009: arrogate, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, intransigent, paroxysm

    Screaming "What do you mean, don't look a gift horse in the mouth?", in an enraged paroxysm of intransigence my wife there and then arrogated the right to choose in future her own Christmas present, surprising me more than somewhat in so abruptly abrogating our time-honoured and congenial custom of exchanging book tokens of modest value, and - on my part at least - so considerately wrapped, too.

  • #453 submitted 12/16/2009: avoirdupois, bookish, sastruga, doff

    As from afar they heard the City Waits noising the splendid avoirdupois of the mayoral goose, here, huddled together in the biting cold, three elderly graveside mourners - reluctantly doffing their hats to expose wind-swept sastrugi of snowy locks - remarked the sad passing of their Oxford colleague, the diminutive, bookish don, Dr. Sod.

  • #448 submitted 12/15/2009: simulacrum, pensive, whimsical, appellation

    Full oft, when to my Dell I hie / In piquant not in pensive mood, / They flash upon that froward eye - / The whimsical, the plenitude / Of appellations springing forth, A simulacrum of my worth / As poetaster, punster trite, / Anonymously yours - Bud Myte.

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