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Quandary Resolutions by Bud Myte

  • #340 submitted 11/29/2009: scienter, languish, imbroglio, malleable

    "In short, owing to the unforeseen indisposition of our epicene mezzo-soprano - languishing under the indictment of scienter action instigated by an (allegedly) emasculated countertenor - the imbroglio seraglio quintet in the final act of tonight's opera 'Les Androgynes' will be replaced by a staged demonstration of legal wrangling between our sponsors and our management team . . . and trust that you are malleable to this late succedaneum."

  • #337 submitted 11/28/2009: scienter, astrobleme, congruous, rusticate

    Quadrivial Quadrameter: When copious powderings, Belind', / Those ravages cannot rescind, / Then fret not o'er the pitted husk / Nor front the brow with veil subfusc; / A nosegay held before redeems / The residue of astroblemes / By rusticating squandered stars / To hermitage amid the flo'ers; / Thence congruous, you may converse / With macaronis, cads, or worse, / And scienter action take 'gainst those / Who spy the remnant of your nose.

  • #330 submitted 11/27/2009: scienter, wallflower, inoculate, gourmand

    Mogborough Council Minutes, Agendum 13: In reply to Lady Molly Clowder, Mrs Fluffikins-Whopping reluctantly conceded that since inoculation against gourmandising was not yet trialled for elderly domestic felines, only radical scienter action might preserve the fine municipal display of wallflowers fringing Victoria Gardens from the sometime cateplectic lethargies of the more overwrought, adipose grimalkins.

  • #320 submitted 11/26/2009: apropos, limbate, scrumptious, provender

    "Thank you, sir; yes indeed, all edges gilt," said the bookseller, tendering a limbate leaf sliced from a yapped edition of Whitman; "and - apropos your paper pica - surprisingly scrumptious provender - bon appetit!"

  • #308 submitted 11/25/2009: videlicet, shill, temerarious, Brobdingnagian

    "Nice original Trojan horse you're peddling there, Honest Bob, and - well, call me a temerarious twerp if you like - but if it's the real McCoy I'll bung you a pony [videlicet: British slang - a sum of £25] for it . . . whoa now, you're not shilling me are you? - 'cos I'm not after any old knackered bob-tail Brobdingnagian nag."

  • #302 submitted 11/24/2009: cap-a-pie, claptrap, macédoine, martinet

    "Mais oui, mademoiselle Tinguette, ma cherie," breathed Archibald, rouged cap-a-pie in the most utterly delectable confusion, "Your angelic amour is more precieux a moi than a sevre bowlful of glace cherries, choice and chubby! - mais liberally admixed avec other toothsome fruitage de sundrie kinde" (he added, sotto voce, just in case she wasn't that partial to cherries), "et de plus...," - "Doggone it," barked the petite martinet, "'Ow you say? - cut the adjectivally macedoine claptrap, stuff the diacriticals, and wet my whistle, chop-chop, one two, un deux!"

  • #289 submitted 11/23/2009: doggo, gestalt, pedantic, benison

    Forswear the splitting of the hair, and fault not my Gestalt, sedentary pedant, for there is more to it than meets the eye; curry not the benison of the bookish, but take a stand and speak plain, or for ever lie doggo, thou recumbent cur!

  • #283 submitted 11/22/2009: nettle, leaven, mollycoddle, affable

    "Gadzooks! am I to be thrice nettled by this perseverating indolent logomaniac - must I conjure afresh the dead (white, purple and yellow) and grasp the comparative urticaceous duo, merely to mollycoddle his pleonastic proclivities? - must I forsake my erstwhile affability, now leavened to seething ferment? - begorra, I'll show him my mettle!"

  • #274 submitted 11/21/2009: nettle, plicate, pittance, germane

    "Approach me not in placatory supplication, for your application wants no explication and is, furthermore, a misfeance patently not germane to the ritual observances," thundered Vishna, plicating his brow, his arms, and a fan-foliation of monikers, the while glowering through triplicate orbs at the smouldering female eunuch who was now prostrating herself in search of oblatory peanuts and chickenfeed; "The heavens forfend! - scrabble not, unseasoned harlot, for I am decidedly discombobulated, markedly miffed, and I would go so far as to say numinously nettled, that any vestal votaress should have the gall to proffer such a pittance in penance!" -whereupon he returned to enraptured contemplation of his sesquipedalian phallus.

  • #264 submitted 11/20/2009: nettle, Jezebel, galvanize, billingsgate

    "Stinking fish, stinking fish, buy my stinking fish you ****ing ****s," carolled Eliza in pure billingsgate; whereupon Professor Higgins, somewhat nettled, was galvanized into a stinging rebuke: "Not 'stinking', you hussy, you Jezebel, have you no shame? --- Dammit, girl, Malodorous, malodorous!"

  • #255 submitted 11/19/2009: subserve, frenetic, anachronism, obfuscate

    As was hierarchically promulgated whilom: Desist ye not, like, from quotidian subservience to coeval hominoids of rabid persuasion, howsoever frenetic be their mien; but mind that ye abide anachronistic obfuscation until the bovines are re-domiciled, innit.

  • #242 submitted 11/18/2009: expiate, buttress, littoral, exegesis

    Anent the loaves and fishes, any further exegesis of the parable is unnecessary, for it is awash with littoral references, and has already been quite redundantly buttressed - or should I say shored up - by the previous speaker's marginal piece of cod psychology, which passeth my understanding and brooks no expiatory apology.

  • #226 submitted 11/17/2009: convoke, idiomatic, flyting, perseverate

    "I say, I say, I say," quoth Sid, / "I grant that I agreed to convoke / this evening's free-verse fulsome flyting / with prospect of a right old barney; / but if the toe-rags on my left / are minded to perseverate / with such slackly incontinent if / (I'll allow) idiomatic tautology / I shall have no option but to revoke / --- to pull the plug and wrap it up."

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