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Quandary Resolutions by Ceathair Focail

  • #801 submitted 02/16/2010: Star Chamber, glaucous, parlous, inexorable

    Having foolishly allowed his gluttony to overcome his common sense by eating the glaucous Turkish sweet presented to him after dinner, the Chief Judge of the Star Chamber sat battling the nausea caused by poison making its inexorable progress through his system while belatedly registering the unexpected confidence and quiet watchfulness of the defendant, who should have been trembling with fear given the parlous nature of his circumstances.

  • #772 submitted 02/10/2010: prevaricate, periphrastic, effulgence, tarradiddle

    Dazzled by the effulgence of the author’s beauty, he prevaricated on his low opinion of her work resulting in a review which was a mish mash of periphrastic tarradiddle.

  • #761 submitted 02/08/2010: castigate, supplant, enthrall, approbation

    As he had received nothing but public approbation since enthralling the voters with his opinions on where it had all gone wrong for the economy, George had not considered that he might be castigated by those same voters for giving up so easily in his efforts to supplant Richard as the party Finance spokesman.

  • #737 submitted 02/04/2010: daltonism, sanctimonious, vulnerary, pecuniary

    With an opportunistic eye out for pecuniary gain, Robert dramatically applied vulnerary supplies from his well stocked portable first aid kit to his minor wounds when less sanctimonious comments about where responsibility for the accident lay may have been wiser considering his daltonism meant he was wrongly claiming to have had the green light.

  • #727 submitted 02/03/2010: Maginot line, imprecation, elicit, aubade

    When she woke, Isabella's aubade was not her usual trill comparable to the lark on the morn but a strident imprecation against her own folly as the growing light helped elicit her realization that she was not alone and the man laying siege last evening had, indeed, breached the Maginot Line of Grandmother's chaperonage.

  • #721 submitted 02/02/2010: John Bull, yomp, evanescent, gelid

    In gelid Belfast, Sinn Fein and the DUP continue to yomp towards an evanescent solution to the problems of devolution which are a legacy of John Bull's involvement in the province.

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