Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by ChrisH

  • #4732 submitted 04/21/2013: lazy Susan, overawe, demulcent, quoin

    My stomach, turning like the lazy susan on granny's table, needed some sort of demulcent, so I picked up the quoin and tossed it into the pond and immediately I was overawed by the tranquil feeling that simple toss produced.

  • #4716 submitted 04/17/2013: nosy parker, kasha, surd, bandbox

    Listen, you surd, nosy Parker, get the hell off your bandbox podium and eat the darn kasha, I promise you wont miss anything if you leave the window for two seconds!

  • #4666 submitted 04/08/2013: lex loci, cross swords, convalesce, plethoric

    "Oh Marybeth, you're such a plethoric ass," I said as she and I crossed swords again over her assumption of lex loci in our tort action with the convalescence hospital.

  • #4623 submitted 03/30/2013: deus ex machina, eat crow, obviate, gaumless

    Our gaumless captor tried to obviate our escape, but was forced to eat crow when Mary, our deus ex machina, broke the flimsy handcuffs.

  • #4558 submitted 03/01/2013: dactylography, fons honorum, clepsydra, leeward

    As the ship tacked leeward I lay in bed with the Fons honorum of the last island we visited, studying his hands like a mad dactylographer for clues to his life, as the clepsydra dripped on and on.

  • #4541 submitted 02/18/2013: spoonerism, artisanal, portend, recant

    The artisanal cheese had a cheesy spoonerism for a name which caused me to recant my affinity for the dairy and portended future distaste.

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