Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by Elijah Shiffer

  • #6342 submitted 05/20/2016: fractious, sinuous, dally, inspissate

    If you dally by taking the sinuous route all the time, you are merely inspissating yourself - it makes me fractious!

  • #6223 submitted 01/26/2016: herculean, beyond the black stump, zeugma, nimiety

    The nimiety of bros and superficial people around me caused me to become lethargic and unwilling to find a better place for myself; but with a herculean effort, I finally got up and moved (zeugmatically) beyond their distractions - and the black stump.

  • #6217 submitted 01/21/2016: sansculotte, scanno, effete, presenteeism

    Henry, Jess, Brandon, and Brendan are the sansculottes of our publishing company; we know their presenteeism is intentional, that they want to leave typos and scannos all over the place - this is getting so effete!

  • #6075 submitted 09/23/2015: holophrasm, balebos, equinox, snickersnee

    We asked the balebos to come up with a good metaphor for the equinox, the clean-cut line between day and night; and he responded with the holophrasm, "Snickersnee".

  • #6058 submitted 09/11/2015: rosinante, rivalrous, obverse, swimmingly

    I wish my rosinante was incapable of speech like most horses; we get into arguments so frequently that our relationship is rivalrous, and my attempts to saddle him frequently progress the obverse of swimmingly - in short, he gives both meanings to the word "nag".

  • #5975 submitted 07/29/2015: leviathan, shipwrecky, indomitable, saxicoline

    In the indomitable reclassification of birds, the leviathan subfamily Saxicolinae has been shifted from the thrush family to the flycatchers; this group, which includes truly saxicoline species such as the stonechats and rock-thrushes as well as Europe's familiar robin, was always shipwrecky among the sylvan, secretive thrushes.

  • #5971 submitted 07/27/2015: tohubohu, portend, yaw, nabob

    The sidewise motions of the inebriated nabob portended disaster - but fortunately there were enough butlers at the party to remove everything he could have fallen onto (or into) before he could yaw into tohubohu.

  • #5906 submitted 06/22/2015: precipitous, avocation, roustabout, clepe

    I used to think oyster-hoisting was a noble pursuit, but my opinion of this avocation of mine dropped precipitously when someone cleped me a mere oyster-roustabout.

  • #5856 submitted 06/01/2015: sinecure, progeny, phreaker, jiggery-pokery

    Through my congenital jiggery-pokery, I've worked out how to get a sinecure for being the progeny of a phreaker.

  • #5834 submitted 05/25/2015: politesse, masterly inactivity, callithump, eternize

    The masterly inactivity of President Heinroth on most issues was protested with a politesse-less callithump; this has been eternized until he acts on something!

  • #5796 submitted 05/04/2015: scop, effrontery, cozen, diurnal

    I can't believe your effrontery in cozening the publlshing industry into being alienated by the Limerick Club by scheduling meetings early in the morning; everyone knows that scops are far from diurnal!

  • #5766 submitted 04/14/2015: recto, hapax legomenon, bilk, argot

    My attempt to create a whole new argot with my band was bilked when I realized that the recto of my glossary consisted entirely of words that were doomed to become hapax legomena.

  • #5762 submitted 04/12/2015: frangible, ungulate, lotusland, caseous

    O to live in lotusland and fashion ungulates out of caseous, non-frangible material all day!

  • #5752 submitted 04/01/2015: jovial, jape, diapause, malarkey

    You all thought you couldn't wake me up, but my diapause was a mere jape; not a jovial one, obviously, but still a healthy dollop of non-verbal malarkey.

  • #5728 submitted 03/04/2015: imprimis, philtrum, sprightly, sastruga

    There were two reasons that Captain Pitt-Pickerel could not maneuver sprightlily across the sastrugi: imprimis, he was podgy; and secondly, though they were broad for sastrugi, the grooves between them were deeply set like certain philtra and the Captain did not want to tussle with such a terrain, given previous experiences.

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