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Quandary Resolutions by Elijah Shiffer

  • #5701 submitted 02/24/2015: per se, technopeasant, thrasonical, demassify

    Though prone to making blanket statements and broad claims, Gordon was not thrasonical per se, as these were minor claims such as how he planned to demassify digital audio workstations for technopeasants.

  • #5657 submitted 12/20/2014: lion's share, deracinate, nurture, larrikin

    The lion's share of the forests on Amsterdam Island have been deracinated by larrikin feral cattle; their ubiquity makes all attempts to nurture the few remaining trees seem particularly futile.

  • #5656 submitted 12/15/2014: dog's chance, think of the children, incommensurable, thalassic

    When a rogue group of marine biologists (headed by the ex-performance artist "Pepper" Jack Cheese) decided to install streaming webcams in a variety of unlikely places as part of their new thalassic conservation project, the mucky-mucks at the Explorer's Club started warning, "Think of the children!" due to the possibility of these webcams showing the biologists as they were changing in and out of their aquatic attire, even though there was only a dog's chance of such a camera position being involved and the Club's notion of this was incommensurable with Pepper Jack's vision.

  • #5652 submitted 11/29/2014: malthusian, capacious, vicious circle, alphitomancy

    So said I to the alphitomancer: "As you pour more and more barley out of your bag onto the table, it starts to spill off in a vicious circle of Malthusian unsustainability - time to move to a more capacious table if you want to get any actual predictions done."

  • #5633 submitted 09/30/2014: pisher, cutify, wheedle, immix

    You are nothing but a pisher and, no matter how you wheedle, you can't immix with us or we'll wound you so hard you won't cutify for weeks!

  • #5629 submitted 09/14/2014: dissuade, torrefy, aleatory, samovar

    I should also dissuade you from using temperature measurements of a samovar to dictate the composition of aleatoric music - it might torrefy and you will get burnt!

  • #5628 submitted 09/12/2014: dissuade, vocable, lido, rejectamenta

    I must dissuade you from uttering random vocables on the lido - you will be considered a piece of rejectamenta.

  • #5627 submitted 09/02/2014: levee, punctilio, repugn, tintinnabular

    Repugning all social punctilios, we poked holes in the mud levee until the sound of running water through it was at first tintinnabular, eventually micturile, and finally thunderous.

  • #5619 submitted 08/04/2014: stalagmite, yarl, Noachian, rimple

    Dan Z. can rimple his face up and yarl all he wants about how stalagmites are formed by cave drips reaching Noachian levels, but he can't convince me that puffins are related to penguins!

  • #5616 submitted 08/02/2014: pabulum, dolorous, jardiniere, interrobang

    Interrobangs are only good for lightening up otherwise dolorous pabulum - otherwise any interrobangs at all would make the reader feel as if there is not merely a jarful of them, but a whole jardiniere full.

  • #5607 submitted 06/26/2014: puce, not dog, fracking, blithesome

    It's hard to be blithesome when you know that every not dog you eat contributes not a whit to stemming the tyranny of the swine feedlot, let alone addressing bigger environmental issues such as to frack or not to frack - it's enough to make anyone go puce in the face!

  • #5603 submitted 06/24/2014: canaille, dead tree edition, mufti, garboil

    Isaac Lebenoff and Laurence Pi decided to team up on a new project, in which members of a symphony orchestra enter a small park, clad in mufti and carrying dead tree editions of the local newspaper as a sort of shibboleth, and suddenly, simultaneously start reciting the classified ads at the top of their lungs, and the resulting garboil among the canaille would be recorded and become the ultimate piece, not the recitation itself.

  • #5599 submitted 06/17/2014: fandango, postilion, incongruous, transfigure

    The postilion transfigured our formerly sombre carriage by dancing a completely incongruous fandango.

  • #5598 submitted 06/14/2014: votary, vexillology, antebellum, zedonk

    I am a votary of (and expert on) vexillology, so when I say that the purported state flag of the extremely short-lived antebellum state of Mississippabama depicting a zedonk is a fake, you better believe me!

  • #5597 submitted 06/13/2014: votary, soundly, freegan, ambulant

    I was at first set on being a votary freegan, but once I realized that I was frequently too tired to be ambulant, and that freegans are lucky if they find leftover food fresh enough to keep for even one day, my aspirations were soundly quashed.

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