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Quandary Resolutions by Elijah Shiffer

  • #5596 submitted 06/11/2014: plutarchy, piece together, crowdfunding, foray

    It is entirely typical that in this plutarchy we must make a foray into crowdfunding to piece together our projects.

    (That was easy!!)

  • #5590 submitted 05/27/2014: gravitas, antaphrodisiac, bricolage, boondoggle

    I thought making bricolage sculptures of animals out of cut-up magazines was an acceptable boondoggle; however, when I realized that the magazine I was cutting up was Playboy, the mangled and wrinkled images I was creating had an antaphrodisiac effect on me, which gave the situation a lot more gravitas. 

  • #5587 submitted 05/21/2014: hamlet, cloudburst, offal, abecedarian

    A cloudburst hit the desert hamlet, frightening the abecedarian children who had not experienced rain before and were convinced it was some kind of offal.

  • #5583 submitted 05/16/2014: muzzy, hue and cry, bijou, tarantism

    The protagonist of W. S. Gilbert's ballad "The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo" encounters a crowd raising an unnecessary hue and cry over a fellow who seems to be in the throes of a primal sort of tarantism, because they have only a muzzy idea of the terpsichorean bijoux of Rum-ti-Foo.

  • #5581 submitted 05/15/2014: stiction, plangent, shinplaster, vane

    Les, the numismatist, was a notorious vane about the preservation of his collection; he was originally apprehensive about breaking the stiction that was holding two of his oldest shinplasters together, but was much more content once he heard the plangent squeak they made when he pried them apart.

  • #5577 submitted 05/04/2014: bole, effrontery, risible, withershins

    Your effrontery is risible in its overarching grandeur; someone needs to convince you that every time someone ties a square knot withershins you don't have to attack them with a tamarack bole!

  • #5574 submitted 04/29/2014: gird, anapest, fiscal, obliquity

    As we wandered through Middlething, that recreation of a Viking community with a middling fiscal situation, we noticed more verses scrawled on various doors; one of these, "You must gird up your loins in this den of iniquity/ Unless you desire to descend to obliquity", led to a mild logomachy between Kyle and Miona about whether it was an anapest or a dactyl.

  • #5570 submitted 04/25/2014: incorrigible, paint the town red, truckle, rile

    After his saloonmates failed to cooperate, Lil' Big Shorty painted the town red by himself, in such an incorrigible manner that he riled the sheriff, to whom he seemed incapable of truckling.

  • #5568 submitted 04/22/2014: bombastic, crosswordese, cock-a-hoop, frivol

    A year had passed and Kyle was still frivoling with his crosswordese speech and thoughts; it had got so out of hand (one might call it cock-a-hoop) that everything he said was a load of bombastic cock-a-hoop.

  • #5565 submitted 04/17/2014: romeo, kasha, oneiric, analphabetic

    As I researched Giant Hyrax, the band whose music Mat had interpreted as having the glurpy texture of boiled kasha, it became apparent that the band's leader, Lynton Vik, had an online presence as an oneiric, fantastical and attractive romeo even though on stage he was short and stereotypically nerdy, announcing the band's many members in very careful analphabetic order.

  • #5564 submitted 04/16/2014: timon, heir apparent, utopia, picayune

    Dr. Zweig claimed to love all the picayune details of man-made things throughout history, but that was a bit of sly herpestery* to cover up the fact that he was a timon at heart; in his utopia he would have many ideological followers or heir apparents, but no one wanted to agree with him and, more importantly, if he did have followers he would have to hate them, and then how could one say they were his followers?

    *Herpestery - mongoose-like quality (or meerkat-like - pun on Timon)

  • #5561 submitted 04/10/2014: sashay, popliteal, kith, vastitude

    (Because it seems like one of the words each day these days is the same as it was last year, I'll just continue with each story I contributed last year.)

    The bricker's popliteal region still hasn't healed, and he walks with a sort of sashay that has caused some of his kith to make fun of him; they don't see the vastitude of his problem.

  • #5556 submitted 04/06/2014: kingmaker, lek, epistolary, plantlet

    Watching the lek of displaying grouse, I was struck by how seldom some of the males were visited by females; because they basically looked the same, I could not help but think they had a special system of determining who the dominant male would be, with kingmaker grouse sending epistolary plantlets to each other expressing their opinions.

  • #5554 submitted 04/04/2014: kingmaker, roundabout, narwhal, omphaloskepsis

    If you want to have the power of a kingmaker, you better not keep up your state of omphaloskepsis, focusing as much as you are on creating your image and looking up "awesome things" such as all kinds of narwhal-related memorabilia to associate with yourself- which is just a roundabout way of saying that online voting would be a very bad idea.

  • #5552 submitted 03/30/2014: trump card, eat crow, callous, panacea

    If you believe in the existence of panaceas that are trump cards for health, you are callous and will have to eat crow!

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