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Quandary Resolutions by Elijah Shiffer

  • #5197 submitted 09/29/2013: paregmenon, abnegate, betwixt, contrail

    Aaron abnegated the idea that contrails are environmentally harmful, though he said, with paregmenon, that this belief was betwixt and between the two of us.

  • #5195 submitted 09/28/2013: paregmenon, meadery, lucubration, gangle

    Having lucubrated too long at the meadery in order to create the most authentic mead possible, I found myself gangling home talking to myself in unexpected paregmenons such as "That was meady mead".

  • #5191 submitted 09/25/2013: polysemous, lampoon, coffle, albedo

    Kyle's verbose explanation of polysemous words was impossible to lampoon, because no one else could have come up with phrases like, "The astronomical and botanical meanings of "albedo" are both part of a coffle of words that represent candidity".

  • #5190 submitted 09/24/2013: hypocorism, heretofore, hapless, fermata

    Heretofore all efforts to make my compositions sound the way I intended them have been hapless, but now I have decided that hypocorisms for common musical terms elicit the sense of enjoyment I have been looking for, such as calling slurs "slurries" or fermatas "stopples".

  • #5187 submitted 09/22/2013: chagal, voetsek, tergiversation, sobersided

    We had to go to the nearest village to fill our chagals at a pump, but when we got there we were greeted by a posse of sobersided, imposing, colonial-looking guys who, without tergiversation, shouted in unison, "Voetsek!"

  • #5183 submitted 09/18/2013: aegis, chirality, contraption, monad

    You won't be under my aegis anymore if you insist that every monad of the contraption you're building has fractal chirality- you'll drive yourself insane!

  • #5177 submitted 09/13/2013: fugleman, gooseberry, presage, anfractuous

    At the board meeting, our fugleman singled me out and growled through gritted teeth, "Your anfractuous behavior as of late has been so annoying and distracting that it presages your categorization as little more than a rotten gooseberry- we don't need you anymore!

  • #5118 submitted 08/15/2013: elflock, avail, miscible, impolitic

    Availing oneself of the opportunity to develop the hair into elflocks can be impolitic if one is in a position of power, for it might prevent one from being miscible among other pundits.

    (Last QQ post for a while- see you September 1st!)

  • #5114 submitted 08/14/2013: quaternary, teenybopper, wowser, dither

    Dr. Zweig, besides being a niggler, was a wowser of the worst kind; far from dithering on this issue, he despised what he percieved as engaging in any sort of sensual pleasure for the purpose of being "cool", and betrayed a hopelessly behind-the-times attitude when he used the term "teenyboppers" for the students of his whom he thought did so, even though some were approaching the quarternary year of their third decade.

  • #5103 submitted 08/11/2013: Typhoid Mary, bevy, tourbillion, kloof

    As we descended into the kloof, a bevy of Cape francolins took flight so effortfully and noisily that their wings created a tourbillion; they had been so camouflaged on the ground that we didn't realize we acted as a sort of Typhoid Mary of fear among them.

  • #5093 submitted 08/07/2013: burke, dressage, impetus, holograph

    Aaron's blog post from November 4, 2012 did not appear to be holograph: he seems too complacent with hierarchy-like political systems to have written, "Thinking about Mitt Romney's endorsing of something as excruciatingly unnecessary and frivolous as dressage always gives me the impetus to burke him, if only I had the means!"

  • #5088 submitted 08/04/2013: antipodes, yarl, hoodwink, rarefied

    The people we stayed with in Bluff tried to hoodwink us into trying, harshly and feebly, to yarl by telling us it was a rarefied ancient tradition that needed to be preserved- but when we found out the truth we realized how tricky people can get in the antipodes.

  • #5085 submitted 08/03/2013: antipodes, bowdlerize, effusive, spigot

    A matata bird, the Bowdleria of the antipodes, whose namesake by virtue of his name and punctilious affect had been said to bowdlerize ornithology, drank from the spigot where the water flowed more effusively than anywhere else.

  • #5083 submitted 08/02/2013: antipodes, dolorous, footle, lam

    Even Alan found it difficult to keep up the morose mood he had fallen into around Mal, whose affect was the antipodes of dolorous; though he often footled around, his wastes of time were lively and upbeat, especially when he started lamming every hollow object in the room with a pair of flip-flops.

  • #5071 submitted 07/28/2013: pica, doula, maverick, dreck

    Kyle remembers his mother telling him that she had such a bad case of pica during her pregnancy with him that she needed to consult a maverick doula who was a self-proclaimed "world authority on dreck" in order to take her mind off the potential tastiness of dirt and garbage in the most systematic and satisfying way possible.

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