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Quandary Resolutions by ElkSummer

  • #3928 submitted 07/10/2012: billet-doux, badinage, sciential, ectopic


    He had to be blatant and rather banal as he explained to her that it was not a billet-doux when he wrote that her ectopic use of sciential vocabulary was miles away from resembling any sort of witty badinage.

  • #3910 submitted 07/05/2012: scotophobia, gruntled, solstitial, stymie


    "Haggis! Good God, ye err all afraid of haggis err ye?" exclaimed Rupert-The-Horrible, standing before his solstitial exhibit , who was quite gruntled that he'd stymied the lot of his adversaries who'd suddenly developed a substantial case of scotophobia, and stood lock-jawed before huge platters of haggis that were to be served at the reception.

  • #3908 submitted 07/04/2012: phylogeny, auteur, pyrotechnics, gallant

    Considered to be the pre-eminent  auteur in his field of linguistic  endeavor, Marcel offered up the gallant gesture to excuse himself from the amateur attempt at verbal pyrotechnics that his colleagues attempted to engage in, even though they never really evolved from the lower echelons of cerebral phylogeny.

  • #3907 submitted 07/03/2012: logomachy, Panglossian, volant, surfeit

    Harold yawned and stretched his arms in a volant wish – desiring to be anywhere but in the same room as his overly-eager and Panglossian students who were now hurling a surfeit of insipid insults in their attempt to wage logomachy with anyone who would engage them, but they only managed to bore him to death.

  • #3903 submitted 07/02/2012: monology, geodesy, pandect, sumpsimus


    Perhaps it was ironic that by day, she administered tests at the Department of Motor Vehicles, citing policy, code and long passages from the pandect of municipal law,  having fooled herself into thinking her rigid little brain was a geodesic wonderland (even though it was filled with only pedantic minutia) and thus she felt it was her place each night, to spew long-winded monologies, full of unimportant sumpsimus and unhinged ideas upon a culturally parched audience of one; herself.

  • #3900 submitted 07/01/2012: complice, scuppernong, convoke, mumpsimus

    To all my steamed…err esteemed collies…err colleagues, I should like to make some toast…err to make A toast to our hapless fellow…err complice fellow whom we invoke..err for whom we convoke this darned tasty feast and drink this  delishish eggnog…err superbong…err scuppernong..Hip Hip hooray, and who's making all that fuss about my having mumps..err sinus..err a mumpsimus???

  • #3899 submitted 06/30/2012: complice, miserabilist, grandiose, pilikia


    Standing before the grandiose assortment of oddities and antiquities he'd acquired from aging-but-well-preserved-movie-starlets that he bumped into through the years and listed on Facebook as his dear old accomplices, it was never more evident that he was merely minor player; a mimicker; a miserabilist, who's destiny it would become to cause aggravation, irritation, and otherwise great pilikia to those who simply failed to see the importance of his closet clutter collection.

  • #3895 submitted 06/29/2012: complice, enterolith, quiddity, agemate

    Such are the vagaries of reaching a venerable and ripe old age; that one's acquaintences should consider themselves to be complices, rather than simple agemates, thus entailing one another with the somewhat pedestrian quiddity of describing every gaseous bubble and enterolith that their entrails do produce.

  • #3891 submitted 06/28/2012: monish, röck döts, planet, syndic

    Ah, we should have paid heed to the syndic who felt he was the planet of all things Hollywood, but the rock dots tattooed above each of his eyebrows in attempt to punctuate his aging visage seemed to be monishing us to steer clear of his universe.

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