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Quandary Resolutions by FriendOfQuaQua

  • #3514 submitted 02/10/2012: poseur, love goggles, ludic, depone

    We totally know Earl deserves to be fired, but the powers that be have been wearing love goggles ever since their ratings went up due to the attention they got from the press after he punched out that cop while he was drunk out of his mind, so in the face of numerous complaints, they continued to depone that he was a hard working, serious, appropriate, even MODEL employee, and this really pissed off everyone who knew he was nothing but a ludic, even lascivious, poseur, incapable of accomplishing any of what was required of him, but even so, the powers that be were all, "we think he's awesome" and so everyone just had to go along with it.

  • #3513 submitted 02/09/2012: roue, twitcher, adulation, screed

    My days used to be filled with one after the other accomplishment, but after countless months, days, and hours of surfing a sea of uselessness, I am nothing but a roué, a twitcher of tweeters, a blogger of screeds, and a shameless adulator of linked-in, face-booking, you-tubing, bloggers and twits.

  • #3510 submitted 02/08/2012: dilettante, hypocoristic, prescind, piacular

    Our pompous art director treated me like a dog, always shouting my name in choppy, hypocoristic form while snapping his fingers in my face if I dared to prescind from his long boring lectures, and never expressing any piacularity for the crude and rude way in which he ripped apart my works as if they were just thrown together by some pathetic dilettante.

  • #3509 submitted 02/08/2012: dilettante, hypocoristic, prescind, piacular

    Dulcinea's dilettante approach to poetry has once again given rise to my intense feelings of piacularity for prescinding from her recital, shaking my head with forehead in hand, repeatedly whispering my secret hypocoristic, "Dull, Dull, oh my God, Dull, please let it end."

  • #3499 submitted 02/03/2012: gradgrind, dystopia, ragtag, excogitate

    The ragtag group of grumpy gradgrinds gathered for a glorious gam but ended up excogitating a dystopian perspective that gradually geared them towards gratitude for the day they would go to their graves.

  • #3497 submitted 02/03/2012: gradgrind, dystopia, ragtag, excogitate

    If you and your ragtag buddies think that while gamming the days away, you're going to somehow excogitate a solution to the inevitable dystopia that we are headed towards, you're going to have to stop being a such a bunch of cinical gradgrinds and start entertaining the more intangible positive forces at hand, such as the powers of love, optimism and sheer will!

  • #332 submitted 11/27/2009: scienter, wallflower, inoculate, gourmand

    It wasn’t until the hypnotist, acting with scienter, asked him to envision himself at a picnic at the bottom of a beautiful, rocky cliff covered in delightfully fragrant Siberian Wallflower, with a waterfall in the distance, accompanied by his very best friends, prosciutto, boccongini and tiramisu, that the gourmand was finally able to relax enough to accept his inoculation.

  • #317 submitted 11/25/2009: videlicet, shill, temerarious, Brobdingnagian

    In hopes of shilling his latest failed video, the comedian misguidedly delivered his most temerariously irreverent material to a brobdingnagian crowd, yet there was this one audience member, videlicet, the President of the United States of America, who was very pleased!

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