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Quandary Resolutions by Gjones

  • #277 submitted 11/21/2009: nettle, plicate, pittance, germane

    Horse-nettle can be purchased for a pittance or gathered in the field, being distinguishable from cow-poke by the plicate corolla of the bud, and other characteristics germane to its identification while still not in flower.

  • #268 submitted 11/20/2009: nettle, Jezebel, galvanize, billingsgate

    The Jezebel's billingsgate nettled the previously impassive guard, galvanizing him into ejecting her.

  • #258 submitted 11/19/2009: subserve, frenetic, anachronism, obfuscate

    Frenetic change subserves the aims of those who would obfuscate our founding principles and dismiss them as anachronisms.

  • #252 submitted 11/18/2009: expiate, buttress, littoral, exegesis

    She hoped to expiate an exegesis constructed like a castle buttressed on littoral sand.

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