Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by IrishMason

  • #5722 submitted 03/02/2015: parastatal, party favor, chatoyant, switcheroo

    His plans were to go to college but fate did a switcheroo and he joined a parastatal and in the end he was given lip balm as a party favor instead of a chatoyant gem.

  • #5718 submitted 02/28/2015: per contra, compere, pontificate, butyraceous

    Some ppl complained abt the compere and how'd he'd pontificate abt the tiniest things but per contra I could have listened to him speak for hours with his smooth melting butyraceous voice.

  • #5711 submitted 02/27/2015: per contra, house of cards, rationale, ad hockery

    Per contra the Mayor's ad hockery was a house of cards rationale doomed to fail.

  • #5708 submitted 02/26/2015: bona fide, beaver away, captious, inutile

    I beaver away attempting to write bona fide poems that the captious critic in my head tells me are inutile.

  • #5685 submitted 02/16/2015: frankenfood, seriatim, deflagrate, polymathy

    My self-proclaimed polymathy tells me that all frankenfood should be taken in seriatim and caused to deflagrate before entering anyone's mouth.

  • #5684 submitted 02/15/2015: solicitude, skysill, overweening, belie

    The overweening diva demanded solicitude from skysill to horizon - and everything in between - but the fawning over her was known to belie the real feelings of the people of her entourage.

  • #5675 submitted 02/10/2015: recrudescence, no fear, eradicate, commensal

    The discovery of a major error in the research first gave them pause but then they regrouped in commensal and with no fear, just recrudescence, they set out to eradicate the error.

  • #5672 submitted 02/09/2015: exordium, northerly, tantara, peacock

    He was so pleased with himself when the exordium was finished that he strutted like a peacock and felt like a King in a robe as he faced northerly and sounded a tantara.

  • #5671 submitted 02/08/2015: samaritan, thanatocoenose, smarmy, solipsistic

    One might think Congress to be a smarmy figurative thanatocoenose, jaded enough to think even a good samaritan is solipstistic.

  • #5668 submitted 02/06/2015: samaritan, galactagogue, inimical, tenebrific

    Some people bear an inimical view of other people, giving the impression that their mother's milk was tainted by a tenebrific galactagogue that causes them to see even a good samaritan as an evil demon.

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