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Quandary Resolutions by J W

  • #6896 submitted 07/20/2017: empyrean, moon shot, crucible, lickspittle

    One day a scammer tried to sell a crucible for melting aluminum and he claimed it would turn the lowest grade aluminum into empyrean aluminum, but despite his behaving as a lickspittle, his moon shot idea had no chance and failed.

  • #6889 submitted 07/16/2017: ana, massasauga, yawp, alveolate

    Once I had an neighbor who would walk around his house and yawp awfully loudly; he was an odd person with a large ana of taxidermied massasaugas, coiled up on top of alveolate boards to keep them dry.

  • #6881 submitted 07/09/2017: out-Herod, on like Donkey Kong, bosky, ameliorate

    As Ricardo came around the first corner of his last lap he had the lead but was hit by Vettle, sending him flying off the track: luckily, this wasn't a particularly bosky track so Ricardo didn't hit anything, allowing him to rejoin the race, but Vettle was out-Heroded by Stroll who lightly tapped him, removing a part of his wing - it was on like Donkey Kong and Ricardo was furious; as Ricardo tried to ameliorate his situation by passing Verstapin his engine failed, forcing him to retire.

  • #6874 submitted 07/02/2017: subrogate, malapert, dithyramb, smorgasbord

    Recently my friend sued a kitchen appliance company for selling him a faulty kettle and refusing to honour the warranty, his lawyer was subrogated for another due to the previous lawyer running into a yobbish malapert's car causing him to be run over, while at the bookstore to purchase a book on law to help my friend I found a smorgasbord of dithyrambs, in fact, the smorgasbord of dithyrambs was so large I was a bit overwhelmed and decided to purchase a few (most of them were so odd I couldn't make out the story) and proceeded to browse law books before becoming so confused and bored that I left without purchasing a book on law and just used the Internet.

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