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Quandary Resolutions by JustAnInkling

  • #5464 submitted 01/22/2014: perse, enthesis, jaunty, idem

    As a result of his swollen enthesis - a product of his jaunty lifestyle - a doctor prescribed medication, which resulted in idem perse welts on his other joints instead of healing him.

  • #5399 submitted 12/30/2013: bleb, peckled, saponaceous, Yarborough

    Playing with a Yarborough, he decided to bluff and play the stakes high; when the others on the table called it, he became peckled with blebs - a very prominent tell of his - and not even the most saponaceous of hand towels and bottle lotions could hide his anxiety. 

  • #5373 submitted 12/19/2013: importune, doomsayer, vivacious, ambulate

    It was with ill will that the Prince importuned the doomsayer to envision a horrible tragedy in the future of the incumbent king; with vivacious glee, the doomsayer began to ambulate about the king's throne and terrify him with visions of a future of diabolical mayhem.

  • #5356 submitted 12/10/2013: palpable, canary in a coal mine, ferrule, ochlophobia

    Striding warily through the crowds whilst battling hard against his ochlophobia, he was suddenly aware of a palpable tingle; the ferrule fastened around his finger began to beep alarmingly, and then a click; the army unit behind him quickly took cover, for he was merely a canary in a coal mine.

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