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Quandary Resolutions by Justinnthyme40

  • #2490 submitted 03/06/2011: portamento, contentious, lapidary, demagogue

    Lapidaries slide gems in portmanteaux; guitarists slide notes portamento; while demagogues (pretentious) with monologues (contentious) slide hoi polloi where they're not meant to...

  • #2410 submitted 02/18/2011: fluke, gravlax, mayhem, libation

    When Mayhew dines mayhem will follow (trying gravlax and whale fluke to swallow while quaffing libation... disturbs his cibation!) -- fission whines leave a chap sounding hollow ?

  • #2385 submitted 02/14/2011: fell, dearheart, canoodle, inveigle

    On the fells, Phil fell, kit and caboodle, for a filly out walking her poodle "My darling, my dearheart, from you I can ne'er part... let us buss and caress and canoodle"; but she, being quite perspicacious, determined this gambit predacious: "You're a flattering inveigler and perhaps a finagler... let this Valentine's meet be fugacious".

  • #2329 submitted 02/03/2011: spartan, sesquiquadrate, ragtag, eclat

    Rob McDougal was frugal...nay, spartan (rather ragtag than glad rags in tartan); With his aspect he'd wangle (sesquiquadrate, the angle ?) Now a star - what eclat! - he's a smart 'un!

  • #2276 submitted 01/24/2011: benthic, manumit, telegenic, paphian

    O'er the depths of the benthos, some manatees lusty sailors, in paphian manner, tease and as mermaids are viewed, telegenically nude -- manumissions like this put a man... at ease.

  • #2267 submitted 01/22/2011: deprehend, phobosophy, imbue, lollop

    Mrs Malaprop did reprehend that phobosophists don't deprehend those trollops with wallop who gallop not lollop when imbued with thoughts they apprehend.

  • #2254 submitted 01/19/2011: execrate, dysphoria, snitty, fain

    Dane Prince Hamlet, oft snitty, might deign feign dysphoria, eagerly, fain; family rage, gloom and plot question being... or not, rain execration and curse on his reign.

  • #2248 submitted 01/18/2011: remonstrate, septempartite, gloaming, concupiscible

    Eve, replete with concupiscent lust, remonstrated with Adam who just, 'til the gloaming crepuscular in the garden arbuscular, Deadly Sins (septempartite) discussed.

  • #2195 submitted 01/07/2011: wormwood, hoo-ha, dander, katzenjammer

    The hooha surrounding Obama, when elected, was crass katzenjammer; now folk get up their dander and, all het up, share candour with wormwood and gall in their clamour.

  • #2158 submitted 12/30/2010: orchidaceous, monochrome, mahatma, dithyrambic

    Polly Q'rohm, famed for shows orchidaceous, found mere monochromes greyly ungracious; thus revered with a passion this 'mahatma of fashion' enjoyed dithyrambs wild and bodacious.

  • #2152 submitted 12/29/2010: sinister, impetuous, plummy, engram

    Dexter, rightly, was not at all sinister, though a rashly impetuous minister; he ordained for his tummy Pruneaux d'Agen, so plummy.... left his engrams post-prandial in a stir !

  • #2140 submitted 12/26/2010: mazarine, supernal, embarrass, powwow

    The aether supernal of mazarine blue, embarrassed by dawn with its pink blushing hue, encompassed the tepees, all ready by now to house the perennial tribal pow-wow, and lighted the hope of a future anew, without reservation, for Blackfeet and Sioux.

  • #2126 submitted 12/22/2010: divagate, altruistic, numinous, lagniappe

    All together now ... We three kings of Orient are bearing lagniappes divagate far; altruistic (euphuistic ! ) questing yon numinous star. O star nocturnal star so awed, regal pulchritude unflawed, to Occident us orient let lux perfecta be explored.

  • #2103 submitted 12/15/2010: tautology, pensive, quincunx, boondocks

    'Periphrastic circumlocution (tautological consecution)' George would pensively muse in his quincuncial mews 'seems, in boondocks, remote assecution'.

  • #2099 submitted 12/14/2010: ventifact, ascribe, bogus, brazen

    Brazen, shameless and quite bogus wheeze... Or mere ventifacts, formed by the breeze ? 'Gemstones' offered for sale Under counter or veil... Some ascribe these an aura of sleaze.

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