Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by Justinnthyme40

  • #2087 submitted 12/11/2010: aguish, undownable, comity, philter

    This potion, this philter will leave her with feelings of love's aguish fever, undownable comity (supernal and... comet-y), unmatched as a harmony weaver.

  • #2080 submitted 12/09/2010: periphrasis, comport, burke, farouche

    Bill Burke would eschew les bonnes bouches (they spoiled his comportment as 'louche'); he was not periphrastic... of few words, not bombastic... in the end, highly strung -- not farouche!

  • #2065 submitted 12/04/2010: mawk, piffle, vociferous, scurf

    Dan Drough hated the scurf on his collar... made him squall a vociferous holler; for mere piffling whiffling gave him riffling sniffling and the senses of raw mawkish squalor.

  • #2051 submitted 12/01/2010: tmesis, hebetude, plangent, palingenesis

    'Refudiate' is (to me, Sis) tmesis -- a re-born palin-sarah-genesis; displays of dull hebetude reflect mental habitude -- thus portending a plangent kinesis ?

  • #2044 submitted 11/29/2010: sforzando, languish, beaucoup, impetrate

    If beaux coo trop beaucoup it's too much to expect it sforzando, as such emphatic an anguish would swell the boys' languish for her soft impetratory touch.

  • #2040 submitted 11/28/2010: crenelation, astrobleme, disheveled, namaste

    "Namaste !" he'd greet, with afflation, this wretched disheveled relation with holes in his gaiters like astrobleme craters -- clothes fringed with a frayed crenelation.

  • #2012 submitted 11/20/2010: rundlet, hallows, alterity, weal

    He trundles rundlets and barrels of wine in shallow hallows of Saint Valentine; no other alterity is left to posterity of his weal than the wale of the vine.

  • #1980 submitted 11/11/2010: majordomo, bell the cat, armistice, whilom

    Major Doughmeaux's majordomo's arranged with his whilom wife (now they're estranged) to risk belling the cat and start telling him that there's no 'armistice day' truce prearranged.

  • #1972 submitted 11/09/2010: parsimonious, unmask, sylvan, moue

    A felonious monk, Marc Antonius, parsimonious, mean and simonious, in a treed sylvan scene was unmasked and his mien showed a grimacing moue polychronious.

  • #1965 submitted 11/07/2010: doole, gaudy, fossick, palpitate

    Doole was changed right away to delight... Once the fossicking unearthed her bright Orange dress ( gladrags gaudy), Lyrics (risqué and bawdy) Eve's sad heart palpitations took flight.

  • #1952 submitted 11/04/2010: buttle, aspirate, ululate, hyperbolic

    When Wooster asked Jeeves "Will you buttle?" he accepted, with aspirate ruttle; for a shrill ululation -- or a 'Wilde' osculation -- would be so hyperbolic: not subtle !

  • #1934 submitted 10/29/2010: misogamy, worsted, vanguard, trepidation

    The worsted suit suited her suitor (in the vanguard of fashion ? --zoot-suiter !); but misogamist Carrie said she hated to marry, trepidatious his suit wouldn't suit her.

  • #1927 submitted 10/27/2010: onomancy, nether, notch, inchoate

    Onomancy, I fancy, is chancy in predicting life's 'top-notch' for Nancy; these inchoate notions -- raise nether emotions ? Well, you may as well trust cleromancy !

  • #1913 submitted 10/24/2010: meiny, logological, mendacious, slugabed

    Logological student Sam Pepys "so to bed" with Deb Willet he leaps; there he lies (not mendacious) with his meiny (bodacious !) -- late arousing, the slugabed sleeps.

  • #1908 submitted 10/23/2010: meiny, tandoor, qualm, parse

    There's many a man in a meiny who predicates parsing is brainy; whereas baking a cu-rry (such as chicken tandoori) gives him no qualms to think of as zany

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