Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by Justinnthyme40

  • #1900 submitted 10/21/2010: luddite, gleek, renovate, coruscate

    He's a technophobe luddite -- no geek, loves to renovate card games like gleek; with his bright coruscation he eschews obfuscation and encourages all to speak Greek !

  • #1866 submitted 10/12/2010: nankeen, belligerent, gimcrack, retrograde

    Nankeen trousers the man-about-town wears aren't gimcrack or gaudy -- but brown ! Carping retrograde squawks from belligerent 'hawks' could involve a severe dressing down...

  • #1849 submitted 10/07/2010: cater-cousin, burdensome, untoward, mana

    In debt through his burdensome manor George used all his enchanting mana to swindle and cozen his dear cater-cousin in a totally untoward manner

  • #1841 submitted 10/05/2010: cozen, peristalsis, sigmoid, teem

    Sigmoid Frund studied 'sign waves' of brains ("Peristalsis ? Alimentary !", he deigns); he knew tricks by the dozen played by those who would cozen, teeming tales of their sexual strains.

  • #1827 submitted 10/02/2010: gowl, heterographic, amok, mussitate

    You can mussitate foul -- making fowl; heterographically ghoul can't be gowl... When a sound is amok then a Sound is a mock, and can bowel bowl coal into cowl ?

  • #1823 submitted 10/01/2010: samizdat, agape, tittup, satori

    Agape and astounded, we've found Great samizdat, print underground -- Amazing satori, Pacificatory, End marching -- let's tittup around!

  • #1803 submitted 09/27/2010: fatwa, rain on someone's parade, plumply, rigmorole

    There was raining on Salman's parade; for a long time the fatwa crusade embroiled him in rigmarole, ensured him a stigma role -- yet he plumply spoke out, unafraid.

  • #1789 submitted 09/25/2010: boscage, haggle, flippant, hobbledehoy

    In a boscage, while haggling some wood, a hobbledehoy wished that he could be flippant and clever yet feared that for ever he'd be awkward and misunderstood.

  • #1780 submitted 09/24/2010: tedium, cartographic, demeanor, frabjous

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! tedium -- Alice will keep at bay; it's not her demeanor to let it demean her .. Take root? Just cartographic-allay (with acknowledgment to L. Carroll)

  • #1777 submitted 09/23/2010: elegy, koan, reminisce, diaphanous

    If a koan is thought to confuse... if reminiscing can also be muse... if the elegy grazes... if diaphanous haze is... if all this, there is much to enthuse !

  • #1771 submitted 09/22/2010: extenuate, bereave, permeable, agog

    Mourning sickness afflicts the bereaved, not agog - instead gravely aggrieved; while permeable hats allow rain through and that's when extenuating thoughts are retrieved

  • #1754 submitted 09/19/2010: dialectologist, epitome, fret, jactation

    Dialectologists know you're from Leeds, musicologists fret about reeds; but jactation's epitome is when -- oh dear, pity me! -- proctologists do heinous deeds.

  • #1745 submitted 09/17/2010: la-la land, eclectic, farrago, burlesque

    Non-eclectic exclusion of Margaux showed the tasting had been a farrago; the outlandish burlesque -- la-la land(ish), grotesque -- left the tasters all whining in argot.

  • #1731 submitted 09/15/2010: never-never land, eclectic, antecessor, arch

    Never-never land's never too grand... so arch bishops have planned there to stand (through weighs dialectic yet always eclectic) and command 'antecessor' firsthand.

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