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Quandary Resolutions by KRA5H

  • #5977 submitted 07/30/2015: manna, chiropterologist, grandiloquence, olio

    The chiropterologist reminds you of an Olio comic, but his grandiloquent description of Myotis sodalis was fruitful mana.

  • #5973 submitted 07/29/2015: leviathan, shipwrecky, indomitable, saxicoline

    The surviving sailors became saxicoline scratching a living off shipwrecky rocks after an indomitable leviathan crushed their ship.

  • #5756 submitted 04/08/2015: perambulate, cross swords, travail, caustic

    Perambulating among the aircraft, he rued crossing swords with the colonel--the caustic rant and travail in his new duty at Thule Air Base.

  • #5755 submitted 04/07/2015: catacomb, lollapalooza, anfractuous, badinage

    I loved her badinage and admired her lollapalooza looks as she led me through the anfractuous catacombs under Paris.

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