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Quandary Resolutions by Lash

  • #171 submitted 11/04/2009: nihilarian, waspish, invective, skulduggery

    It was a clear case of punishment not just fitting but creating the criminal: after suffering fifteen minutes of the waspish schoolmarm's invective while he wrote "I will obey" over and over on the board, the nihilarian began surreptitiously pocketing erasers and bits of chalk, redeeming the tedium of his task with this suggestion of skulduggery.

  • #162 submitted 11/03/2009: daymare, atavistic, regimen, sommelier

    One recurring daymare that his strict 18-calorie-per-day regimen seemed to have brought on would strike him in church or at an important business meeting or while inspecting the label on a Chateauneuf du Pape that some sommelier held out just so for him -- when suddenly he'd be seized by an atavistic urge to strip and disrupt the proceedings, alternately beating his chest and dragging his knuckles as he bolted for the door.

  • #156 submitted 11/02/2009: acnestis, frisson, voluble, truculent

    The thought that suspicions might fall on him struck him in mid-exclamation with a frisson of horror that he tried to camouflage to those assembled with a voluble cascade of speculations on other possible causes for his girlfriend’s corpse on his couch; but as he talked on his reasoning became so wild and forced that the expression on her face itself, which was turned up at him at an odd angle from where her head was wedged up against the sofa’s overstuffed arm, came to seem like an itch in the acnestis, demanding a consideration that in the moment he could not give, with its truculent accusation of all his many unspoken but obvious crimes – an expression so familiar, in fact, that his horror turned to rage and his speculations to self-doubt: did he actually remember everything that had happened last night?

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