Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by Mouse

  • #333 submitted 11/27/2009: scienter, wallflower, inoculate, gourmand

    "You will inevitably be a wallflower should you go to Almack's Assembly Rooms with smallpox, and you cannot choose to be a gourmand instead since the only refreshments are weak ratafia and stale watercress sandwiches; therefore before your debut get yourself inoculated or with scienter spend the months before working with the dairy maid," advised the governess Miss Tweedle to her pupil Miss Dum.

  • #253 submitted 11/18/2009: expiate, buttress, littoral, exegesis

    Petunia chose to expiate her many sins by doing as some early Church Fathers had and sitting on a tall thin object; when asked why she had chosen a sea stack on the edge of the cold North Sea rather than a pillar in the desert, Petunia buttressed her explanation saying that she had chosen to make a more littoral exegesis of St. Simeon Stylites' practice.

  • #239 submitted 11/17/2009: convoke, idiomatic, flyting, perseverate

    She was so frustrated by her inability to compose an idiomatic resolution to today's QQ that Meryl perseverated at her computer--reading email, checking the news, repeatedly returning to the QQ site to see if the words had miraculously changed; finally at the risk of arriving at a meeting of the Committee for the Charismatically Challenged on the topic "Flirting by Flyting", which she herself had convoked, both late and unwashed she wrote a very long and silly sentence wishing all the while that "self-referential" had been one of the day's words.

  • #222 submitted 11/16/2009: homologate, instill, dissertate, hoi polloi

    Sophia dissertated on how using the expression "the hoi polloi" is really quite silly because it means "the the people" and the definite article should not be used; however, since her audience remained sleepy and confused, she abandoned her attempts to instill correct usage and decided instead to homologate the noxious idiom as acceptable in standard English speech.

  • #182 submitted 11/06/2009: spurtle, doodle, nudnik, felicitous

    The household nudnik had used up all the ink while doodling on many of the kitchen implements, so it was felicitous that the spurtle was untouched allowing the rest of us to complete our mapping project in the slowly congealing porridge on the kitchen table that resulted from attempting to use the spurtle to serve the porridge as well as stir it.

  • #175 submitted 11/05/2009: lentiginous, klatch, maugre, maunder

    The lentiginous Amber prayed every day to be rid of her freckles, maugre assiduous use of skin clarifying lotions they remained and Amber stayed in her room maundering to herself and refusing all invitations to attend klatches of the young, witty, and freckle-free.

  • #169 submitted 11/04/2009: nihilarian, waspish, invective, skulduggery

    The nihiliarians's sabotage of the nerligig plant involved no invective, waspish remarks about management, or calls to strike; their skulduggery hid beneath smiles, jokes, and frantic meetings about the ongoing crisis.

  • #161 submitted 11/03/2009: daymare, atavistic, regimen, sommelier

    The regimen required to retrain the atavistic Hulk Hogan as a sommelier was a continuing daymare for Hulk and instructors alike.

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