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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7531 submitted 06/27/2018: emolument, latter-day, bedizen, summerful, adj.

    On this hot summerful day
    Bedizened with full-blooming roses,
    No emolument commands, thus here I lay
    Myself to rest in various drowsy poses,
    A latter-day portrayal, for a lark,
    Of George Seurat's "Sunday in the Park". 

  • #7493 submitted 06/22/2018: blurb, fiendishly, notorious, Bloomsday, n.

    So, having taken a break to reflect the seriousness of recent events, my notorious and somewhat fiendish literary skills are back, doing a blurb for the website as per usual, despite the fact it's not Bloomsday any more.

  • #7489 submitted 06/19/2018: agnostic, shrithe, quail, reviviscent, adj.

    A dreaded evil is reviviscent;
    We quail before its unforgiving power.
    It shrithes around a village made of tents.
    Where "cometh the man"?, 
     for truly, "cometh the hour"!
    An atheist prays for mercy and relief
    While Christians are agnostic underneath.

  • #7486 submitted 06/16/2018: wale, winsome, tantalize, householdment, n.

    Winsome lass, you tantalise me
    With your naive girlish charms;
    Naught you do could now surprise me
    Nor could prise me from your arms.
    Even your householdments please me:
    Chairs with fabric wales that tease me!

  • #7484 submitted 06/15/2018: wale, coquina, pugnacious, epistemic, adj.

    My epistemic ability
    Though I'll admit to lack
    Thinks wale is actually 'weal'
    When I gave you a whack.
    But let's not be pugnacious,
    About your wales or weals
    I have some good coquina here
    So let's just have our meal.

  • #7482 submitted 06/14/2018: dree, move the goalposts, defenestration, mereswine, n.

    I've laboured at a very dree task, nearly leading to the defenestration of my laptop: another annoying update in which Microsoft moves the goalposts yet again  to make my goal of relaxing and watching the mereswine play a long-abandoned dream.

  • #7480 submitted 06/13/2018: slue, liminal, mantic, altissimo, n. and adj.

    He entered, on the liminal stage
    Of his strange mantic act;
    Managed to slue the event around
    To make the lies seem fact;
    Then told us in altissimo voice
    The deed was done, we have no choice.


  • #7478 submitted 06/12/2018: skail, rapprochement, epithet, quot homines tot sententiae, phr.

    The day of rapprochement dawned;
    The skail of secrecy and fear,
    The day of self-congratulation
    Epithets as thin as air;
    Quotes that didn't get a mention:
    "Quot homines tot sententiae"

  • #7477 submitted 06/11/2018: wen, fossick, abrogate, yellow jack, n.1

    It started as a tiny wen
    Became a contagion fast;
    The crew of invalids were penned,
    The yellow_jack flew on the mast;
    They fossicked for a certain cure
    But none was to be found.
    They had to abrogate their rules
    And run the ship aground.

  • #7476 submitted 06/09/2018: demit, hobnob, shenanigan, square dinkum, adv., adj., and n. (and int.)

    Illegal leaders must demit 
    Their self-important role
    And all shenanigans must quit
    And give back what they stole;
    They hobnob with the rich and great
    Indulging their own whims
    It's not a good square dinkum state
    And will not save their skins!

  • #7475 submitted 06/08/2018: demit, eustasy, whelm, mansplain, v.

    To argue again eustasy
    My friend said to me
    Is to demit from the issue
    Of the rising of the sea
    I said, it hasn't whelmed
    Any continent yet
    But he went on to mansplain
    That beaches do get wet.

  • #7474 submitted 06/07/2018: impend, stalwart, boondoggle, sun blink, n.

    We had a sun_blink, so I went -
    Despite impending storms -
    To do some work, in any event,
    My garden to transform.
    This sad boondoggle came to naught
    Although I worked so hard;
    No stalwart body, mind nor thought
    Could rennovate that yard.

  • #7473 submitted 06/05/2018: straiten, gelbstoff, fustigate, adventus Saxonum, n.

    Ah, #Adventus-Saxonum, when invasions were the norm!
    But Saxons didn't wear bearskins, and Vikings didn't have horns.
    But they liked a good #fustigation, as did any robber band,
    And made sure folk were straitened if the villagers got out of hand
    But they turned the water yellow with their unhygienic habits
    And thus created #gelbstoff with a lake that's full of maggots.

  • #7472 submitted 06/04/2018: elutriate, abstemious, proficient, zooid, n.

    They discovered a self-aware zooid,
    Proficient enough to blink,
    But in trying to elutriate it
    They lost it down the sink.
    This wasn't a total disaster
    The scientist - given to drink -
    By consequence became abstemious
    So a Pyrrhic victory, I think!

  • #7471 submitted 06/02/2018: obverse, inthronization, ingenue, démodé, adj.

    Strictly between me and you
    She was such an ingenue
    That she thought inthronization
    Changes the politics of our nation 
    When probably it's the obverse
    And democracy will come off worse
    But then, it's practically démodé,
    So there is truth in what she says!

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