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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7001 submitted 10/09/2017: acarophobia, oche, denegation, eye shadow

    Monday morning dawned and I struggled awake, blearily aware that today was the final of the Darts Tournament, playing for a trophy I had won every year so far and had no intention of losing, but I wasn't prepared to admit that my acarophobia had grown much worse and now I could hardly get out of bed for fear of those damn bugs all over my room; as usual I handed myself some lame denegation of the feelings and repeated to myself aloud that I was well prepared to step up to the oche in the Pub down the road, but when I finally made it to the bathroom I saw that the stress and insomnia had given me eyes that looked like I'd plastered them with brown and black eye shadow.

  • #7000 submitted 10/08/2017: cunctative, extremity, slake, lip gloss

    My lip gloss applied, that's when I decide
    To go to the Pub and get blattered;
    To slake my strong thirst, I drink whiskey first,
    Then move on to ale 'til I'm shattered;
    But then I get slow, my extremities bow
    And I fall to the floor while I pee
    I have to ease up, else die in my cups
    A cunctative measure I need!!!

  • #6996 submitted 10/07/2017: cunctative, squeeze box, prehension, eyeliner

    She applied her eyeliner with a deliberately cunctative technique, while explaining in halting words that her prehension of the task was negligible, yet even so he insisted she accompany him busking on the city street that day with a harmonica, while he played his squeeze-box.

  • #6994 submitted 10/06/2017: cunctative, subspecies, bombard, blusher

    I took my time getting ready, applying my blusher in a cunctative tactic that would throw him off the scent, but nonetheless he stood there bombarding me with difficult questions, making me think - even more so on that day - that he was a subspecies of the human male who could not grasp the finer points of relationships.

  • #6992 submitted 10/05/2017: titter, keen, vituperate, mascara

    It didn't take much for the office to sneer
    When Brenda arrived they'd vituperate her,
    You'd hear all the titters, suppressed or aloud
    She used to be Brendan, you see, and it showed,
    'Til one day they found her, keening and bawling,
    In the gender-free toilets they'd just been installing,
    One look at her face, with mascara all messy,
    They guessed she was dying inside with this stress, and they
    Vowed on that day, round the office t'was shared,
    They would rib her no more that she still had a beard

  • #6990 submitted 10/04/2017: menstruum, pabulum, agita, tailoring

    A certain young tailor from Bude
    Said tailoring can appear rude
    For sometimes I choose
    A menstruum to use
    which isn't as bad as it's viewed
    Your agita shows in your face, but
    Your thoughts upon that are misplaced
    It's pabulum merely
    That's foxed you so queerly
    So put that gun back in its case!

  • #6988 submitted 10/03/2017: pudency, Männlein, salubrious, supermodel

    The supermodel Pixie Dotard was used to favourable treatment, so when she visited a German Spa town where the waters were particularly salubrious, she was not about to exhibit (nor indeed did she possess) any pudency in her treatment of the other visitors, until she chanced upon an unfortunate mannlein in a wheelchair who managed to extract more sympathy from her than she had ever shown before.

  • #6986 submitted 10/02/2017: cocksure, drawing board, farceur, fashionista

    I always seemed both boring and dull-witted,
    The butt of every farceur in the room,
    Until one day I found that I was gifted!
    A fashionista then I did become;
    Unfortunately, pride led to a fall,
    For I became cocksure, and thus abhorred
    By those I once had dazzled, one and all,
    So sadly now it's "back to the drawing board".

  • #6984 submitted 10/01/2017: mammothrept, songcraft, censure, couturier

    Lady Penelope was simply looking for a talented couturier to create some stunning clothes for her upcoming meeting but her friend mistakenly gave her the name of an expert in songcraft instead, leading to some embarrassment, and thus to the rather severe censure of her friend's diary-keeping abilities, for she called her friend a mammothrept, and then all was over between them.

  • #6981 submitted 09/30/2017: mammothrept, bombast, apropos, mannequin

    A mommothrept went out to roam
    To see what he could ruin,
    And passing windows near his home
    He stopped to have a viewing;
    A mannequin he saw inside,
    So, apropos of that, 
    He dashed onlookers to one side
    And went to grab her hat;
    However, one observer spoke
    In bombastic ostentation
    "He's the type of impious folk
    Who now corrupt our nation!"

  • #6979 submitted 09/29/2017: mammothrept, whopping, ensconce, catwalk

    The patrons were ensconced
    Upon their velvet pews
    Straining at the catwalk
    To get the perfect view;
    A mommothrept annoyed them
    By screams and pulling hair
    The patrons turned and eyed him
    Said, he should NOT be here!
    A model young and waif-like
    Gave him a whopping ice,
    And in no time at all, he
    Was acting very nice.

  • #6977 submitted 09/28/2017: samfie, medicaster, pace, organza

    A lady did a samfie meet
    Who sold her unctions for her feet,
    They stained and spoilt her organza dress
    And caused her many days of stress;
    A medicaster she sought out
    To rid her of her noxious gout
    He did so! (Thus was her confession -
    Pace the medical profession).

  • #6975 submitted 09/27/2017: dastard, Elysian, disparate, tulle

    Fate is such a fickle dastard,
    One might even call her
    Base, Tartarean, unstable, cruel
    In her self-appointed rule;
    Far from the Elysian fields,
    She a sword capricious wields,
    At once dispensing wealth and fame
    And disparate horrors bringing shame;
    Wreath her idol all with tulle
    Beautify her fractious rule,
    Yet the veil cannot enhance her
    Nor revise your circumstances!

  • #6974 submitted 09/26/2017: illiterati, pie in the sky, broadside, velvet

    The velvet tongue of purple prose
    Is only for the folks who pose
    As clever, but we know that those
    Are but illiterati;
    Who trust their fate to pie in the sky
    And when it fails they wonder why
    Their souls are pierced so sharply;
    But often ignorance in its wings
    Brings failure, and a thousand things
    That maim and mortify and sting
    Like broadsides flying nigh.

  • #6972 submitted 09/25/2017: drama queen, exemplary, anathematize, satin

    A starlet yearning to be seen -
    For she was such a drama queen,
    Parading in her satin gown,
    Commanding praise throughout the town;
    But yet the people did despise her,
    Rejoicing to anathematize her;
    Thus, failing as an exemplary figure,
    She inspired naught but a snigger.

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