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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7470 submitted 06/01/2018: obverse, boardwalk, mise-en-scène, frugivore, n.

    Ban frugivores
    By any means
    As you'll observe
    In my mise_en_scène
    You'll see my boardwalk
    Where I seat
    A row of tourists
    Eating meat
    And, in my show,
    Obverse to that
    Another row
    Just eating fat.

  • #7468 submitted 05/31/2018: enantiodromia, lysergic, chastise, Jock Tamson's bairns, n.

    It's said about "Jock Tamson’s bairns"
    That they have enantiodromia,
    At first applauding, then chastising,
    Chameleons with a phobia
    They tried to give us LSD
    As if it were a boon
    But then Lysergic was replaced
    By liquid in a spoon.

  • #7465 submitted 05/29/2018: cremnophobia, wheelhorse, flummox, pimpernel, n.

    I would have picked a pimpernel
    But for my cremnophobia;
    If you are flummoxed by that tale
    I'll spell the facts out for ya:
    The flower in question was on a cliff
    Which I declined to climb
    So don't be a wheelhorse about all this,
    It's just a silly rhyme

  • #7463 submitted 05/28/2018: metanoia, repine, sacrosanct, pulveratrix, n.

    Aha! I said to him knowingly
    A pulveratrix, that's what you are!
    He repined, I once was, in my heyday,
    But now I just watch from afar.
    My ablutions were sacrosanct, sacred,
    And nobody dared disagree,
    But then I went through metanoia
    Now my cleansing is just history.

  • #7461 submitted 05/27/2018: lovecraftian, faxlore, arrogate, Popeiana, n.

    We had a fax
    Once upon a time,
    But never any #faxlore.
    Or maybe we declined
    To #arrogate to our fax
    That kind of literary drama
    So "never find fault with the absent"
    (A piece of #Popeiana)
    Or maybe it was Lovecraft?
    Oh, but then,
    It would be #Lovecraftian.

  • #7460 submitted 05/26/2018: lovecraftian, pike, riposte, no-meaning, n.

    A monster came against me
    In a Lovecraftian way;
    I gave a quick riposte and then
    I tried to run away;
    It turned and raised its pike at me,
    I hid behind a tree,
    In a daft no-meaning gesture 
    That could never shelter me.

  • #7456 submitted 05/24/2018: cervantic, dodman, cajole, bobowler, n.

    An angel like a bobowler
    (Though larger and more bright)
    Cajoled me into speaking out
    To put this matter right:
    Don't compose cervantic rhyme
    Which like the dodman, walks in slime.

  • #7454 submitted 05/23/2018: marinism, veisalgia, petard, hellbender, n.

    So with my usual marinism
    I embark today
    On a task, which like veisalgia,
    Is hard to brush away
    To incorporate hellbender
    In a simple little verse
    I could be hoist with this petard
    (But then, I've known much worse.)

  • #7453 submitted 05/22/2018: marivaudage, food web, garrulous, potpanion, n.

    My garrulous potpanion
    After several beers
    Displayed to me his food-web chart,
    The work of many years.
    I said, unfit as I am to judge,
    I looks to me like marivaudage

  • #7450 submitted 05/21/2018: hobbesian, fret, raillery, proboscide, n.

    This #Hobbesian mood, this dog-eat-dog creed,
    Drowns out the good-natured #raillery we need
    It #frets at the fabric that covers the people
    Sticks out like #proboscide, juts up like a steeple.

  • #7448 submitted 05/20/2018: carcinogenic, creed, besot, tod, n.1

    Why not call him a tod and a sot?
    He's all that, and so is his creed;
    He's a carcinogenic child that begot
    The besotted cult following he needs;
    And now his abominable rule is on track
    His pride is unfettered, and we can't go back.

  • #7446 submitted 05/19/2018: carcinogenic, nuptials, unfettered, plovery, adj.

    Let no one light a ciggy
    [Carcinogenic as they are]
    Let's keep Meghan and Harry
    From that foul polluted air.
    Let gladness be unfettered
    Let their nuptials be sublime
    And then we'll spend the evening
    On the plovery hillside.

  • #7444 submitted 05/18/2018: carcinogenic, Bauhaus, muliebrity, jugaad, n.

    Did you hear? That Bauhaus architecture,
    When jugaad was the order of the day,
    Has been declared carcinogenic
    By those who can't accept modernity.
    But mine was willed by matrilineality -
    My aunt's attempt at last-ditch muliebrity

  • #7441 submitted 05/16/2018: saprogenic, vermiculation, aggress, adoxal, adj.

    Setting about my adoxal verse
    Usually making an odd thing worse,
    Some would say it's saprogenic
    (Although perhaps just psychogenic)
    Words weave like vermiculation
    Show their curious gestation
    Then aggressing all around
    Cause affray without a sound.

  • #7439 submitted 05/15/2018: leptodermous, familial, layman, plethora, n.

    There's a plethora of clues
    To familial disquietude;
    One is leptodermous kin
    With notorious thin skin
    Although a layman would add
    It's always your Dad.

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