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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7437 submitted 05/14/2018: megalomania, reseda, transpire, otacust, n.

    Are you an otacust, maybe?
    Or a megalomaniac?
    'Coz, all know you spy, you see,
    When we're having a private chat.
    And yesterday we caught you out
    (Your face went the colour reseda)
    When it transpired you'd poked your snout
    Into delicate secret data!

  • #7435 submitted 05/13/2018: railbird, sultry, nascent, eyethirl, n.

    Whether a seasoned railbird or a newcomer, everyone was enthralled by the nascent safety rules that provided cover from the sultry weather as well as making a kind of eyethirl through which to spy on contestants.

  • #7433 submitted 05/12/2018: railbird, runcible, collaborate, paniolo, n.

    A paniolo raced his
    Stallion at the fair
    A railbird criticised him
    For injuring his mare
    He then collaborated
    To have him lose the race
    By feeding him some runcible
    Before the steeplechase.

  • #7430 submitted 05/10/2018: pork barrel, comminution, slumgullion, parsec, n.

    Filling the pork barrel,
    Noses in the trough,
    Morals of slumgullion
    They never have enough!
    One day, in a parsec,
    Dictatorships will fall
    A greater comminution
    Will pulverize them all.

  • #7427 submitted 05/08/2018: gobemouche, ululation, menagerie, événement, n.

    My menagerie's escaped!
    (Some gobemouche thought they suffered)
    I screamed a ululation, 
    The loudest I could utter.
    A tragic événement,
    The worst that could occur
    And when I find that idiot
    I'll punish him or her!

  • #7423 submitted 05/05/2018: ekistics, tabulate, agonistic, rother, n.

    When using my ekistics skills
    In North of England towns
    The 'rother' stem of Rotherham
    Was bovine, so I found.
    I made a tabulation
    To demonstrate my find
    But it was agonistic
    To all of Northern kind.

  • #7421 submitted 05/03/2018: booboisie, en passant, beaucoup, altivolant, adj.

    The French are highly cultured
    (Merci beaucoup, one said)
    And also keen, en passant,
    On cheese, croissants and bread;
    Yet though they're altivolant
    And make delicious brie
    For almost every Englishman
    They're seen as booboisie.

  • #7417 submitted 05/01/2018: meme, prime cut, eventuate, storiation, n.

     In creating a clever meme with storiation of cuts of meat to resemble movie stars, the prime cut being a host from The Apprentice, what eventuated was a Twitter ban and a global block from many of those portrayed.

  • #7415 submitted 04/30/2018: adhocracy, sudorific, chivalry, parciloquy, n.

    If you'd like a parciloquy,
    I'll give you one;
    As an act of utmost chivalry
    To everyone,
    For here we have adhocracy
    And it's terrific
    Though proving my authority
    Is sudorific.

  • #7414 submitted 04/29/2018: make-work, fraudulence, redolent, felly, adv.

    The make-work scheme
    For the office team
    Was redolent of fraud;
    No common sense,
    But fraudulence
    Was seen in every word;
    So I just shirked
    And did no work
    But sat and watched the telly;
    And that was fine
    Till leaving time
    When the Boss said it was felly.

  • #7411 submitted 04/28/2018: make-work, do ill, anathema, passionary, n.

    When reading in a passionary -
    A make-work project from my boss -
    I read about a missionary
    Who unintentionally suffered loss:
    The townsfolk sought to do him ill
    The day he preached on healing gifts,
    For this removed the need for pills
    (Anathema to Pharmacists.)

  • #7409 submitted 04/27/2018: make-work, ghost town, querulous, akakia, n.

    I'm holding an akakia
    To prove I am not vain;
    You'll see this land of ghost-towns
    Be great and thrive again;
    You'll probably be querulous
    And say, what a make-work plan,
    But witness my preparedness:
    Believe me! I'm your MAN!

  • #7407 submitted 04/26/2018: arctophile, kenning, mollycoddle, patte de velours, n.

    Oh yes, I am an arctophile!
    (I was mollycoddled in my youth)
    I much prefer
    The patte de velours
    To the rage of claw and tooth.
    And when I was a rug-rat
    (A kenning, if you'll allow)
    I held one tight
    Almost every night
    And that's why I love them now.

  • #7405 submitted 04/25/2018: pinetum, monimolimnion, slew, pedgill, v.

    There once was a monimolimnion
    In the waters beside a pinetum
    It pedgilled and toiled
    With its slew of subsoils
    To rise through the waters and greet'em.

  • #7403 submitted 04/24/2018: androcracy, platitudinous, loath, mondongo, n.

    You made mondongo! OH
    I'd share it all with you,
    But I am loath to sup
    From your androcratic cup.
    Your restaurant is male;
    It goes beyond the pale;
    Platitudinous it may be,
    But this won't do for me.

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