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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7401 submitted 04/23/2018: sillage, tarn, cathexis, Lochlann, n.

    The swarthy Lochlann figure
    Rowed across the tarn
    Leaving a pungent sillage
    As he headed for our barn
    I lost my rash cathexis
    Of lusty Viking men
    And fetched my trusty slingshot
    To propel him back again.

  • #7399 submitted 04/22/2018: claustrophobia, Gaia, traduce, ogo, n.

    When seeing a famous ogo
    I thought of the goddess Gaia
    Does she live like a hobo?
    (I'll have to run that by her)
    Or would that be to traduce her?
    It's impossible to know
    Perhaps she's claustrophobic
    And lives in a bungalow?

  • #7395 submitted 04/20/2018: claustrophobia, words fail someone, bloviate, porphyrogenite, n.

    We await the porphyrogenite,
    The coming royal babe,
    The media seems to bloviate
    On each and every page.
    It gives me claustrophobia
    Unable able to escape
    This royal baby mania.
    Word fail me! Take a break!

  • #7393 submitted 04/19/2018: pyromania, dreamworker, headlong, loving cup, n.

    My good friend, a dreamworker,
    Was worried about me:
    She warned of pyromania 
    In things I used to dream;
    I said, now don't be hasty
    And rush in headlong here.
    Let's pour a loving cup and praise
    The positives we've shared!

  • #7388 submitted 04/16/2018: monophobia, sprachbund, vulnerable, parcours, n.

    I'm vulnerable to fears
    Monophobia is one;
    I've shed so many tears
    Afraid of being alone;
    Explained it using sprachbund,
    They didn't understand
    So I ran around the parcours
    With my head held in my hands.

  • #7386 submitted 04/15/2018: halfpenny, Leonardeschi, founder, eelist, n.

    I found a portrait that was by
    An unknown Leonardeschi
    I bought it for a halfpenny
    And traded it on Etsy
    The buyer had an eelist and
    Called me a lying bounder
    And so I sent him a refund
    Which caused my plan to founder.

  • #7384 submitted 04/14/2018: halfpenny, consistent, succinct, biggin, n.1

    Sir Rupert bought a biggin
    To place upon his child
    The label says 2.1⁄2d
    She said to him, and smiled.
    I haven't got the ha-penny, but
    The tuppence you can keep
    Although, to be succinct, he said,
    The price is much too steep.
    I try to be consistent,
    And fair, sir, if you please;
    For noblemen that is the price,
    For everyone else it's free.

  • #7382 submitted 04/13/2018: halfpenny, magnality, aegis, masstige, n.

    When you market trashy masstige
    Worth a ha'penny, nothing more
    And depend upon the aegis
    Of a worthless superstore
    You are not a "hot magnality"
    You're just a bogus bore.

  • #7381 submitted 04/12/2018: hors d'oeuvre, horses for courses, newfangled, owler, n.

    If you serve up that gossip
    You can have this as hors d'oeuvre:
    The owler's prison sentence
    Was less than he deserved.
    Although, horses for courses,
    He did provide good meat;
    The more newfangled butchers
    Considered it a treat.

  • #7378 submitted 04/11/2018: segue, folding stuff, defer, femme incomprise, n.

    Femme incomprise, I dare to say,
    Is what I am
    My conversation did segue
    From spam to scam
    I offered him the folding stuff
    To calm his nerves
    But even so it wasn't enough
    Nor was deserved
    And now in deference to his claims
    I'm going to end these foolish games

  • #7376 submitted 04/10/2018: sophrosyne, caveat, kitsch, millocracy, n.

    You may be millocracy
    I pay no heed to that;
    Your products are so twee and kitsch
    I raise a caveat:
    Caveat dear Emptor! 
    When buying these designs
    Trust me as your mentor
    For I have sophrosyne

  • #7372 submitted 04/07/2018: boondoggle, pharmacovigilance, reify, orped, adj.

    I'm orped, I'm keen, I'm bold as brass
    To practise pharmacovigilance;
    I'll reify the perilous past
    By overcoming ignorance;
    And if you are a boondoggler
    Intent on pointless jaunts
    You'll find yourself unpopular
    At all my local haunts.

  • #7370 submitted 04/06/2018: boondoggle, pornocracy, ineluctable, alastor, n.

    He who boondoggles each weekend
    Will come to an untimely end,
    In which alastors of the State,
    Which his pornocracy berate,
    The ineluctable trial begin
    To bring to book his heinous sin.

  • #7368 submitted 04/05/2018: frumious, eucatastrophe, veld, parergon, n.

    In the South African veld one day
    Reading a thrilling novel,
    A frumious cobra came my way
    That I had to lay out with a shovel.
    This was the eucatastrophe
    That led to my wellbeing;
    The real-life parergon mastery
    Of the story I'd been reading!

  • #7366 submitted 04/04/2018: hotsy-totsy, disemvowel, career, pellar, n.

    The Pellar of Wells was a man of renown,
    It's said he could conjure a toad from a jar;
    I asked them if that was the same as a clown
    Careering along in a daft diddy car.
    Their answer was that he was all 'hotsy-totsy'
    (I must disemvowel what they really said)
    And when I replied he was most likely dotty
    They said that I should not dishonour the dead.

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