Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7364 submitted 04/03/2018: blatant, chairness, sensibility, eyrie | aerie, n.

    The eagle sat upon my chair
    (I really didn't want it there)
    The 'chairness' of that comfy seat
    Had made its eyrie seem downbeat
    Its blatant use of my own place
    Did seem especially in-yer-face
    But given its sensibilities
    I let it use the facilities.

  • #7363 submitted 04/02/2018: droog, beer o'clock, abide, meniscus, n.

    O thou croisant, rich and hot
    Meniscus temptress! 
    Sweet seductress!
    Very droog of foods thou art!
    At beer o'clock
    To thee they flock.
    But I shall set thy charms aside
    And with my diet long abide.

  • #7361 submitted 04/01/2018: blate, percussive maintenance, cuckoo, handgrith, n.

    I tried percussive maintenance,
    And gave my comp a thwack;
    It was a cuckoo thing to chance
    And made the screen go black.
    And now I sit bereft of comp
    And blating, for my pains,
    No engineer handgriths a chump
    Who doesn't use her brains.

  • #7357 submitted 03/31/2018: blate, worshipful, rectitude, machicolation, n.

    We visited the Keep today
    And saw machicolations.
    It made me think of loopholes in
    The Church's veneration
    Of things that are not worshipful,
    Of no real reputation;
    Nor moral rectitude, of late,
    That only cause true saints to blate.

  • #7355 submitted 03/30/2018: blate, clerihew, parlous, priviligentsia, n.

    So I'll attempt a clerihew, although a parlous state
    Of poetry could quickly cause the onlookers to blate;
    And only those of higher thought, in poem priviligentsia
    Will realise the pains it took to cover my dementia.

  • #7353 submitted 03/29/2018: metathesis, wrest, manticore, gremolata, n.

    The bowl of gremolata
    Was wrested from her hands;
    The scientists' cold platter
    Was immediately banned;
    For they dreaded metathesis
    Could produce a manticore,
    And they feared xenogenesis
    But mythology much more.

  • #7349 submitted 03/28/2018: babble, braggart, delegate, Afrofuturism, n.

    She made a big mistake
    When she said she'd delegate
    The Afrofuturism presentation;
    For the braggart she employed
    Only made a lot of noise
    When he babbled out his ignorant narration.

  • #7347 submitted 03/27/2018: adulatory, wan, grandiose, early doors, n. and adv.

    Never a word of praise for her,
    No adulatory phrases;
    Grandiose gestures were never conferred,
    Nor comfort in all her malaises;
    Wan she might be, but nobody cared,
    Shaky and sickly but yet they just stared.
    From early doors to the end of her life
    Nothing but censure and scolding and strife.

  • #7345 submitted 03/26/2018: listerize, sarpanch, bravado, Brunswick stew, n.

    I said, don't give me Brunswick Stew
    It's made of squirrel and onion - EWW
    And if you doubt I'm telling the truth:
    I once had a Sarpanch tell me so.
    I'd listerize it, if I were you
    Unless bravado is what you do!

  • #7343 submitted 03/25/2018: artless, Homeric, thimblerig, nash, v.

    Some do say
    My poems are Homeric:
    Like, coming from 'The Simpsons',
    (That is true)
    I thimblerig, then nash,
    I fool ya, then I dash;
    Leave my artless
    Little pieces
    Here for you!

  • #7342 submitted 03/24/2018: artless, kersey, vanward, murmuration, n.

    You are an artless fellow
    In your garment made of kersey
    Letting out a helpless bellow
    Pleading lenience and mercy
    The enemy surrounds you
    In a kind of murmuration
    And the vanward near confounds you
    But you tarry at your station.

  • #7339 submitted 03/23/2018: artless, thole, never-never land, fallen star, n.

    There once was an artless celebrity
    Who wasn't what he was cracked up to be
    He bragged and he stole
    Despite what he thole
    But never increased his prosperity.
    And then, a disgraced fallen star,
    He outdid his misdeeds by far:
    The concept he planned
    For a never-never land
    Was outlandish, grotesque and bizarre.

  • #7305 submitted 03/22/2018: mondain, long drink of water, lugubrious, subnivean, adj.

    They've found a subnivean being
    Who led a lugubrious life;
    His only adventure was skiing
    His only companion his knife.
    He was tall, a 'long drink of water'
    He was dressed in the finest of furs,
    That must have been arduous to slaughter
    The kind that a mondain prefers.

  • #7302 submitted 03/21/2018: stridulant, sylvan, cadre, huh, n.

    In the sylvan paradise
    A stridulant noise was heard:
    A cadre of beefy tree fellers
    Discussing the absurd.
    Were the trees really on the huh
    Or was it their drunken state?
    But being prone on the forest floor
    Had added to their mistake.

  • #7300 submitted 03/20/2018: trencherman, carious, yegg, rejectamenta, n.

    He was a hearty trencherman
    Though it had made him carious;
    And also a yegg he once had been
    For his pursuits were various;
    Now he collects rejectamenta
    And other useless impedimenta.

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