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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7298 submitted 03/19/2018: ambivalent, pingo, hachure, manutention, n.

    He said he was ambivalent
    On how we drew the maps:
    Old hachure use was his intent
    But not required, perhaps.
    But yet the pingo must be sketched
    For proper manutention;
    Its features drawn, dimensions etched
    Without misapprehension.

  • #7294 submitted 03/18/2018: dreadnought, less-than-stellar, farce, exoplanet, n.

    In a less-than-stellar tutorial
    He described an exoplanet 
    In terms of an exoskeleton
    And the seeds of a pomegranate.
    I have to say, it was all a big farce
    So I picked up my dreadnought,
    and quitted the class.

  • #7292 submitted 03/17/2018: dreadnought, poteen, uncanny, rivose, adj.

    T'was in the Ponteen that I spied him:
    The dreadnought that banjaxed me car;
    He dented me bonnet
    Put a rivose scar on it
    And now ye oul scut - there y'are!
    Ye uncanny eegit,
    You'll not be so hard, man
    When I'm at me gaff
    Shopping you to the Garda!

  • #7291 submitted 03/16/2018: dreadnought, glower, anent, bachcha, n.

    Don't fix me with that dreadnought's stare
    That glower of disdain;
    Anent the bachcha you see here
    Who's crying out in pain!
    She stubbed her toe on your own chair
    Her crying is not feigned!

  • #7289 submitted 03/15/2018: spoilsport, shock and awe, telegenic, Sonderweg, n.

    I've followed a Sonderweg, this is my fate,
    So don't be a spoilsport, but cower!
    I'm bold, telegenic, and smart - so don't hate
    The fact that you're now in my power.
    I'll overrule laws and the State if I please.
    And use shock and awe to achieve what I need.

  • #7288 submitted 03/14/2018: sawbones, Pi Day, invigilate, mobile, n.2

    It's Pi Day where the numbers are reversed;
    Everywhere else it's Wednesday.
    And I, after my four words are well-versed,
    To the sawbones I will wend my way
    The mobile to their tasks are all dispersed 
    While docs invigilate my short-term stay

  • #7284 submitted 03/13/2018: killjoy, shenanigans, laudable, fundied adj

    Brace up you kids and take the plunge
    It's laudable and bold;
    Let's have no more shenanigans
    Although the water's cold;
    You're fundied to the bone, you say
    But be a killjoy and you'll pay

  • #7282 submitted 03/12/2018: scofflaw, keel over, Croesus, Tutivilllus, n.

    Tutivillus spake: a plague on you thieves
    You scofflaws and bandits and scum!
    It's made you as rich as Croesus, but heed:
    You'll soon have a judgment to come.
    One day you'll be gloating, then all of a sudden
    You'll stagger, keel over, and be dead as mutton

  • #7280 submitted 03/10/2018: vendible, stronghold, lexicographer, napiform, adj.

    I'm selling my dot matrix printer.
    It's vendible, so I am told;
    Scilicet, now in demand once again,
    As everything dated and old.
    So that means I too am newly au mieux,
    No longer left out in the cold.

  • #7278 submitted 03/10/2018: vendible, stronghold, lexicographer, napiform, adj.

    You're just a napiform huckster
    Who's built up a stronghold for tat,
    And nothing you offer is vendible
    So let's just leave it at that!
    And I know a lexicographer
    Who'll knock you into a cocked hat.

  • #7276 submitted 03/09/2018: vendible, retrench, meander, megatherium, n.

    To make my products vendible
    I needed to retrench;
    The vegetables were rotting
    And gave off an awful stench;
    I meandered down the market lane
    Trying to spot a sale
    There was naught but a megatherium
    And the jawbone of a whale.

  • #7274 submitted 03/08/2018: whipjack, distaff, bird-dog, grinch, n.

    I hate the whipjack scam he's pulling.
    Call me a grinch, but I don't care!
    The distaff side is oft more knowing
    Than inattentive men, I hear.
    So I'm bird-dogging him all round
    Until I can show my case is sound.

  • #7271 submitted 03/07/2018: azymous, at one blast, woolgathering, booketeria, n.

    I sat woolgathering in the local booketeria, and my thought process was, as it were, azymous and unprofitable, when at one blast I was shaken into consciousness by the arrival of my favourite author for a booksigning.

  • #7270 submitted 03/06/2018: vaquero, bleeding edge, scarify, quincunx, n.

    There once was a hardy vaquero
    Who scarified herds like a hero
    But his quincunx of hedges
    Was too bleeding edge
    So the populance called him a wierdo.

  • #7268 submitted 03/05/2018: expergefaction, lorn, rabble, Nemean, adj.

    I wandered as a Nemean beast
    Lost and lorn, forsaken;
    Torn to pieces were my feet
    By thorns and brittle bracken.
    The rabble scorned me, threw me out,
    But this was mere distraction,
    The issue really was about
    My sudden expergefaction.

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