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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7265 submitted 03/04/2018: widdershins, scene-stealing, cursory, money spider, n.

    I saw a money spider on my desk
    And gave it a cursory glance
    It wove its widdershins ways around
    I can't say I was entranced,
    But that's because it was a tiny irritation
    Scene-stealing from my work presentation

  • #7263 submitted 03/03/2018: widdershins, trilemma, elucidate, fundi, n.2

    When people's thoughts go widdershins,
    And wise men do mistake
    A simple choice for trilemmas
    Merely for comfort's sake,
    It needs someone to ease the tension;
    It needs a fundi's intervention.

  • #7260 submitted 03/02/2018: widdershins, montage, nondescript, oozle, v.

    She oozled along the parade
    In a montage of raggedy clothes
    Then came back the opposite way
    Going where, even she never knows.
    Her widdershins path led her round
    To a nondescript house out of town
    And there she lay down.

  • #7258 submitted 03/01/2018: piecemeal, bork, agon, margarine, n. and adj.

    The agon of conflicting views
    Whenever I turn on the news;
    Its piecemeal deconstruction of
    The world of liberty and love;
    Has borked my sense of how things seem,
    Like butter changed to margarine.

  • #7256 submitted 02/28/2018: fain, saloop, exegesis, Lentiner n.

    A Lentiner we fain would eat,
    With our saloop, and gaily
    We'll do a jig upon our feet
    To tunes from the ukulele;
    And then we'll hear the preacher speak:
    His exegesis aids our sleep.

  • #7252 submitted 02/27/2018: tantivy, minaudière, tenebrous, funambulate v.

    A woman who is quite a minaudière
    Who ran tantivy to the local fair
    To watch a couple there funambulate,
    In tenebrous circumstances met her fate.
    It was a scandal, more or less insane,
    And nobody involved would take the blame.

  • #7250 submitted 02/26/2018: deasil, evitable, validate, musha, int.

    When I was told that it was possible to deasil wind a clock, to validate its working and to make a break down evitable, I shouted "Musha! I've been doing it wrong all these years!"

  • #7247 submitted 02/24/2018: hyperborean, stochastically, caravansary, phlogistic, adj. and n.

    The posting now was done too stochastically,
    Confusion as to what they would permit,
    We intended a phlogistic comment,
    But were too hyperborean to commit;
    So we left to seek out a caravansary,
    Where we'd ruminate on putting an end to it.

  • #7245 submitted 02/23/2018: hyperborean, gunzel, meld, on-ding, n.

    I'm not a hyperborean, but I'm out in the cold it seems, as if there had been an on-ding around me that melded my flesh with the snow and left me freezing in an empty room. It's not like I'm a gunzel or anything but I had a single solitary pursuit - along with a few new enthusiasts - but here we are, bereft.

  • #7242 submitted 02/21/2018: benthos, isogloss, demarcate, quadragesimal, n. and adj.

    The reason was quadragesimal
    The season was Lenten, and so,
    They wanted to demarcate what we could eat
    To make sure we chose the right food.
    But over the border in Wales
    (An isogloss line of repute)
    They dined on the benthos in Llyn Arenig Fach
    And told the Priest that it was fruit.

  • #7240 submitted 02/20/2018: usurious, down but not out, refection, lovewende, adj.

    We were promised good refection
    And a service most lovewende;
    But it turned out too usurious
    Quite unworthy of a friend.
    We may be down but we're not out
    So we'll go elsewhere and ditch that lout.

  • #7237 submitted 02/19/2018: defeasible, nearest and dearest, sanguine, good tide, n.

    Your idea is defeasible
    At this time of good tide;
    To ban the nearest and dearest
    Of the groom and of the bride,
    For they are sanguine relatives
    And want to play a part.
    To banish them from the wedding
    Would break the couple's heart.

  • #7235 submitted 02/18/2018: napoleonize, nepoticide, panegyric, key-cold, adj. and n.

    Many years ago, in a country now forgotten,
    There was a king whose governance was dissolute and rotten.
    He was a nepotist as well, his family he favoured,
    And all the people sacrificed, for riches that he gave them.
    The land and its sad people he unfairly napoleonized
    They lived in key-cold housing and were frequently chastised.
    He demanded panegyrics of elaborate love and praise
    While treating his poor subjects as detritus all their days.
    But when he executed his dear nephew (who was good)
    This nepoticide enraged his land, as you'd expect it would.
    The people rose up, to a man, and overthrew the king,
    And afterwards enjoyed their lives, their homes, and everything!

  • #7233 submitted 02/17/2018: napoleonize, QWERTY, biddable, gulab jamun, n.

    We were sitting enjoying our gulab jamun,
    When an insolent server came into the room.
    He tried to napoleonize everyone there!
    We said, don't be haughty, or else take a care,
    For you should be biddable, seeking to please,
    Like this humble typewriter, with letters on keys,
    Which spells out QWERTY and HARMONIOUS,
    And serves the reporter without any fuss.

  • #7231 submitted 02/16/2018: napoleonize, Shih Tzu, yuppify, mere, n.6

    An ambitious young Maori sought a puppy
    As he wished to be more of a yuppy
    He brandished his mere
    His dealer to scare:
    Saying, "Get me a Shih Tzu, hurry uppy."
    But the dealer would not be napoleonized;
    All shows of aggression he despised.
    Told his guard dog to bite,
    Put the Maori to flight,
    Thus his love for the law emphasised.

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