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Quandary Resolutions by OldRawgabbit

  • #7228 submitted 02/14/2018: hooverize, philematology, frolic, acrolith, n.

    Oh happy are the nymphs at play
    Who gambol and frolic all the day
    Around their acrolith so fine
    And laud their Valentines sublime.
    They study philematology
    And hooverize dull company.

  • #7223 submitted 02/12/2018: adonize, Anthropocene, adust, godwottery, n.

    She said she was an expert landscape worker;
    She said that she would adonize the scene;
    I ended up with adust desolation
    Like the worst example of Anthropocene.
    And when she'd done refurbishing the rest
    T'was prissy stale godwottery at best.

  • #7221 submitted 02/11/2018: jackleg, agonic, recuse, misway, n.

    And because you are a jackleg
    As day by day we're told
    Recuse yourself from everything
    That readers could behold
    You're agonic, without anything
    That makes a perfect square
    A misway of humanity
    And none of us could care.

  • #7219 submitted 02/10/2018: jackleg, echelon, instauration, irie, adj. (and adv.) and int.

    A jackleg of a worker
    In the echelons of power,
    Avoiding all disruption,
    Living in his ivory tower -
    He survived the instauration
    Of his company, when it crashed,
    It's irie, well and good, he said
    When his bonus cheque was cashed.

  • #7217 submitted 02/09/2018: jackleg, live paycheck to paycheck, mnemonic, cheeselog, n.

    A jackleg of a tutor
    Taught my girls last year
    He taught them a mnemonic
    For the ten months of the year
    No better than a cheeselog,
    He lost his job, and then
    He lived paycheck to paycheck
    For a twelvemonth (or just ten?)

  • #7215 submitted 02/08/2018: four-flusher, sawpit, embargo, oss, v.

    It wasn't until we were standing ready at the sawpit that day, that the four-flusher informed us of his intentions to place an embargo on all our products as from that morning, a statement that did not oss well for any of us.

  • #7212 submitted 02/07/2018: wirepuller, wordster, carp, quomodocunquizing, adj.

    Don't carp, I said, it's not my métier
    A wordster I may be, but not for gain
    I'm not a quomodocunquizing gal or guy
    Who begs for money without feeling shame
    I'm but a wirepuller working from above
    Seeking to push the plan, but out of love

  • #7211 submitted 02/05/2018: snollygoster, shoot one's cuffs, spavined, desh, n.

    His desh was somewhere far away
    And even he'd forgotten
    So spavined was that poor old man
    Whose teeth (and mind) were rotten
    A snollygoster! Said my mate 
    And shot his cuffs to show his hate.

  • #7210 submitted 02/04/2018: tautologous, dabble, blench, chaogenous, adj.

    A dark and brooding sky tonight
    It's chaogenous, void of light,
    And every tautologous pun
    That I can dabble in, but one:
    I blench at saying night is black
    Because - well duh - it's always that!

  • #7209 submitted 02/02/2018: tautologous, coo, divest, outgrabe, v.

    I'd coo and coo in praise of you
    With many, much and great ado
    But I'll eschew hypocrisy,
    Divest me of tautology,
    And leave it to an earlier sage
    Who claimed the mome raths did outgrabe

  • #7207 submitted 02/01/2018: emesis, ASMRtist, preternatural, pseudologer, n.

    You are a base pseudologer!
    I said, when I was told.
    I wouldn't give a dollar for
    Your lead that turns to gold.
    It's just a preternatural
    Conspiracy and myth
    And emesis is my response
    To idiocy like this.
    He said I am an ASMRtist,
    Not Alchemist, you fool!
    I transmute people's senses
    With my audio visual tools.

  • #7205 submitted 01/31/2018: fuliginous, deep state, irrupt, nang, adj.

    Deliver me from deep state woes!
    Fuliginous intrigues!
    That secretly irrupt, when those
    Who govern try to please.
    I don't like using childish slang
    But that aint nang, folks, that ain't nang!!

  • #7203 submitted 01/30/2018: latitudinarian, soft-spoken, tincture, devel, v.

    I know a man, soft-spoken,
    And gentle to a fault;
    And latitudinarian
    But he suffered an assault.
    A bigot develled him so hard
    That he was nearly dead.
    I applied a healing tincture
    To his body and his head.

  • #7201 submitted 01/29/2018: olid, careworn, anthropomorphic, reposado, n.

    My Uncle Jack bore a careworn look
    As he walked his old dog down the street.
    The dog was olid and scruffy, and took
    An age to rise to its feet.
    But Jack had some reposado at home
    That got him through most of his day.
    And then he would call his dog a good friend
    In an anthropomorphic display.

  • #7199 submitted 01/28/2018: roland, if anything, popinjay, magnoperate, v.

    Sir Toby was a popinjay,
    And Roland was his jest;
    Sir Toby would magnoperate,
    While Roland did his best.
    But Toby was, if anything,
    A liar and a fraud
    Who ended up a pauper
    While Roland swept the board!

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