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  • #5143 submitted 08/23/2013: Dr. Strangelove, malleate, vapor, viceroy

    The Dr. Strangelove of a viceroy appointed by Queen of England decided to malleate the semi-functional nuclear weapon into her statue, which sadly ended up vaporizing the monarch and a whole bunch of other people.

  • #5139 submitted 08/21/2013: siren, accismus, permeate, gibbous

    As her pheromones permeated the night air and her beaming face glowed under an almost full gibbous moon, the seductive siren endured the hapless sailor's love-babble as she lured him to his enemy's camp: "If I said I didn't want you, that would be an accismus, because you know, my love, I want you so."

  • #4469 submitted 01/15/2013: lymphatic, floccinaucinihilipilificate, kanban, vertex

    I don't mean to floccinaucinihilipilificate your website but an on-demand system such as kanban for responding to the need for replenishment of parts may represent the vertex of productivity for an assembly line, but it's a lowpoint for a website whose administrators are too lymphatic to streamline something as essential as signing up.

  • #4399 submitted 12/29/2012: cumshaw, nobble, vacuous, fastigiate

    We live in a vacuous democracy that supports a fastigiate society, where the businesses and billionaires sustain their position at the top by nobbling the government via cumshaws to congress members in the form of campaign funding and lucrative private careers after the members' tenures.

  • #4359 submitted 12/20/2012: xerophyte, b'ak'tun, impolitic, counterblast

    "The program has been running well for a whole b'ak'tun but someone introduced an impolitic virus called human and now the planet is retaining so much heat I am afraid all species are going to die except for the desert-friendly xerophytes" worried Mayan God #1, when an annoyed Mayan God #2 counterblasted, "Have you ever heard of restart?"

  • #4217 submitted 10/26/2012: redoubtable, antihero, immure, supernormal

    The novice writer's good-vs-evil storyline, wherein a simpleton hero supposedly overcomes, through intensive talk therapy, the supernormal antihero that he immures, was meant to be redoubtable, but instead of evoking fear or respect it only evoked jeer and ridicule.

  • #4163 submitted 10/07/2012: morphean, croggy, memento, tardigrade

    When my boyfriend got rid of his old bicycle after college, I kept the handlebar as a memento of my tardigrade croggies on it up the hill to my hostel after the everyday morphean lectures.

  • #4136 submitted 09/30/2012: decorticate, cutify, bombinate, thetic

    The thetic commands to advance bombinated on the radio for days, as we lay in the trenches unable to move, watching fresh shrapnel decorticate our skin and time cutify the wounds.

  • #4131 submitted 09/28/2012: decorticate, meadery, dearth, fiducial

    Having exposed the dearth of truth under his sincere exterior, the candidate said to her now decorticated opponent, "If you've actually worked in a meadery, you'd know mead comes from honey and water," which sounded proverbial enough to sever any fiducial relationships that voters still had with him.

  • #3652 submitted 03/29/2012: avulse, otorhinolaryngology, zoomorphic, eudemonia

    Expertise in otorhinolaryngology can help one avulse any zoomorphic being (not just people) from the jaws of ear, nose and throat-related diseases, returning said being to eudemonia, where happiness and a sense of well-being prevail.

  • #3645 submitted 03/28/2012: begrudge, lacrimae rerum, epaulet, luxate

    Do not begrudge those who have more, for no matter how strong an epaulet one protects his shoulder with, the grim reaper will luxate him right out of his lacrimae rerum.

  • #3638 submitted 03/27/2012: discomfit, fan death, knee-jerk, chelonian

    Infant Krishna, fully aware of Kamsa's knee jerk reaction to the prediction that Krishna would grow up to kill him, discomfited Kamsa's plan to subject the baby to fan death by shape-shifting into a turtle, the thick Chelonian shell thus protecting him from the evil thwarts of the fanning maid, besides freaking her out completely.

  • #3602 submitted 03/19/2012: doxy, vaguery, élan, carp

    If you are going to replace Miss Carpenter, a talented singer-dancer  that performs with the elan of Fred Astaire, in favor of that doxy who offers you favors around of the studio, at least have the decency not to carp about Miss Carpenter's performance with vagueries such as "You're looking crazily."

  • #3544 submitted 02/24/2012: paraphernalia, vulcanize, henchman, adamantine

    The detective had enough sulphur-measurement paraphernelia to determine that the tyre-making tycoon's accident was caused by too much vulcanization of the rubber used for his car tyres, which had rendered the tyres adamantine to road conditions -- presumably the work of his rival's henchmen.

  • #2855 submitted 05/20/2011: jumbo, kinematic, coiffure, foofaraw

    "My husband, the drama queen, is kinematic again," complained goddess Parvati to goddess Lakshmi, referring to Lord Shiva's thaandava (angry dance), "he's built some foofaraw about a devotee's wrongful accusation into a jumbo-size matter, so it will be midnight before the devotee is vindicated and Lord Disheveled restores his coiffure."

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