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  • #6501 submitted 09/24/2016: clerisy, rooibos, reconcile, cackleberry

    As he read the newspaper, he tried to enjoy sipping his relaxing red, rooibos tea, he cracked open his soft-boiled cackleberry and watched the orange yoke flow while he pondered how the public and the clerisy in the media allowed the actual election of the red-faced, orange-haired tyrant, but could not reconcile this fact with his faith and love for America.

  • #5130 submitted 08/19/2013: bluebeard, clemency, mot juste, od

    The bluebeard possessed such od that woman after woman would be inexplicably drawn to him - even some fully aware of his history and their likely fate; so when the judge demanded a reason for the ladies' attraction and also his motivation, before any clemency would be considered for the crime of serial murders, he replied with the mot juste: "lust."

  • #5113 submitted 08/14/2013: quaternary, teenybopper, wowser, dither

    After her first quaternary of drinks, she prudently dithered about tackling another four shots until the thought of being labeled a teenybopper wowser helped her decide resolutely that she'd rather be known as a teen-aged, hipster and boozer.

  • #5108 submitted 08/13/2013: anatopism, erratic, depone, jilt

    She jilted her husband when he committed just one anatopism in the living room by not reattaching the phone; then, she went on to depone in the divorce papers that the annoyingly placed erratic located in the middle of their yard was also her husband's error - little did she know that a glacier, not he, had long placed it there.

  • #5090 submitted 08/05/2013: Ponzi scheme, dog days, contraband, hyperhidrosis

    These dog days of Summer are not helping me survive my hyperhidrosis; the intense Summer heat of July caused me to sweat so profusely that I became desperate enough to resort to illegal, overseas products that promised to fight against it, but after purchasing the contraband illicitly and expensively via a mule, I was aghast to find out that the products were part of a Ponzi scheme and didn't even exist - so now, while someone got rich, I'm sitting here feeling my forehead drip and drip and drip.

  • #5081 submitted 08/02/2013: antipodes, dolorous, footle, lam

    While the two celebrated the same way - with boisterous trips to the local watering hole - they were antipodes when things were not going so well: disappointment left George despondent, footling about at home and incarcerated by his dolorous feelings, whereas Sam would hit those same pubs and inevitably enter an altercation in which he punched someone or someone lammed him.

  • #5077 submitted 08/01/2013: mores, olympicene, boffin, bemused

    The origins of olympicene lay in the mores of the boffins in England who created it to celebrate the 2012 Olympics; the rest of us are bemused as to why scientists would create a compound just to look like the Olympic rings - especially when Olympiadane already exists.

  • #5076 submitted 07/31/2013: cognoscenti, coppice, pinchbeck, residuum

    Timber companies will tell you that their coppices are sustainable and are just as if they had not taken any trees at all, but the cognoscenti and lovers of nature as well as those who have witnessed a beautiful, old-growth forest taken down actually know that the residuum after the indigenous trees, ferns and brush are felled is of dishearteningly less natural, environmental, biodiversity, aesthetic or spiritual value than originally; the sticks and brush that replace stately trees and forest hold the same comparative value to before as the zinc and copper of pinchbeck do to authentic gold.

  • #5058 submitted 07/23/2013: sook, levity, aseptic, sidle

    When his sook friend sidled up to him discreetly to ask if the punch bowl were aseptic, he couldn’t help but counter the worry with levity and purport that punch bowls have a higher bacteria count than cell phones.

  • #5055 submitted 07/22/2013: olid, roundelay, chicanery, quillet

    The olid fumes of smoke vitiate my lungs even if smokers have sung a roundelay of freedom, for years purporting and then succeeding through chicanery, to make my desire to breathe freely a quillet versus their right to poison me liberally.

  • #5046 submitted 07/19/2013: confabulate, reliquary, umbrage, rendezvous

    Before my rendezvous with the priest, as I sat in the pew, I looked around the church: at the altar, the reliquary, the beams, the ceilings, the statues, the stations, and I could not help but ponder how much former umbrage and lack of indisputable knowledge was confabulated into fact by the imagination and opinion of biblical authorities as it entered the incontrovertible bible - the spiritual bedrock upon which this entire church has been founded.

  • #5044 submitted 07/18/2013: cloaca, disinter, addlepated, poetaster

    After hearing about the million-dollar sale of a grand poet's manuscript, the family of a mediocre poetaster had his body disinterred, thinking they could find a cause for what appeared to be the wild scribbling of an addlepated mind, and hoping that the earlier, lucid work that they found in the cloaca and cleaned could be sold in a bind.

  • #5029 submitted 07/14/2013: blue chip, hapless, frisson, rifacimento

    The documentarian felt the frisson of success when a blue chip producer offered to help with his film about a Tesla experiment, but as ever he was hapless: another documentarian was simultaneously filming a rifacimento of Edison's "Electrocuting an Elephant", and two scientist-focused movies at the same time equal doom for one.

  • #5023 submitted 07/12/2013: blue chip, inveterate, thwart, ploce

    Financed and – I’ll say, charitably – “influenced” by blue chip companies and their leaders, inveterate Republicans have spent my entire life thwarting almost all investments in our children’s future via the most successful and powerful usage of ploce to associate the perpetually repeated words “tax” and “Democrat”.

  • #5020 submitted 07/11/2013: standpat, gaggle, éminence grise, Spider veins

    At the outdoor party, everyone was in shorts, so the spider veins of the jingoistic eminence grises contrasted with the tanned, muscular calves of the radical young Tea Partiers; but this gaggle of Republicans united to remain standpat on increasing the national debt and guaranteeing continued misery for the undocumented laborers manicuring the greenery around them, by defeating immigration reform.

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