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Quandary Resolutions by SteveB

  • #1814 submitted 09/29/2010: excommunicate, ornithopter, parlay, confiscable

    The man knew that to take was not a crime exclusive to the ground, where nature could be hidden in and distraction could be made simply by knocking something over, but in fact, the excommunicate thought in this world of wind, where people sleep in clouds and travel solely by ornithopter or the occasional helium balloon, theft was all the easier (not many were willing to follow a plummeting man), which is what lead to his eventual downfall when sin parlayed upon sin, and through orders of the church, he learned that even heaven was confiscable.

  • #1809 submitted 09/28/2010: custos morum, junket, eternize, efface

    The vocation of the Guardian Angel Field Agent, a craft that is very morally precise, requiring vast in-class education on virtue and infinitely more real-world experience to perfect--with the obvious nature of our eternized existence, the majority of our employees at this time are considered to be 'Master of Trade' status in the Department--seems to be through the very nature of this extensivity, having the unfortunate effect of leaving most of these literal custodes morum quite jaded toward their work; for many, the descension unto the earth has turned from a task of waylaying the ill-intent of their wards, to a junket of pleasure and relaxation, a vacation if you will, during which our employees shirk their duties as Guardians, and, effaced as human-beings themselves (a faculty permitted to Guardian Angel Field Agents only "for use in situations of dire circumstance regarding the welfare of [their] human charge where direct intervention is necessary", per Article 24.1 of the GA Field Employee Contract), take to the streets of the world and "fraternize with the masses" which, as we all know, is not the purpose of this program...

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