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  • #7819 submitted 02/16/2019: appose, deglutition, gibbous, EGOT n.

    Although I have admired Audrey Hepburn's beauty, talent, and fashion sense for more than 50 years, it is a bit of a surprise to find her among the very few EGOT winners, especially when her work is apposed to that of other worthies in the industry: when it is considered that her Oscar and Tony came at the beginning of her stardom, when almost everyone was bewitched by her fawn-like beauty and charm, and that in her 60s--although her slenderness by then suggested someone unfamiliar with the act of deglutition--her lovely elegance remained unimpaired, and her humanitarian work and dignified grace had made her so universally beloved that she was awarded her Emmy and Grammy posthumously, it is tempting to wonder if she would have won so much acclaim for her talent had some bad fairy gifted her at adolescence with gibbous shoulders or a pot belly.

  • #7784 submitted 02/14/2019: appurtenance, love interest, heartstring, pathetic, adj. and adv.

    The movie WALL-E is about many things, but it has some of the appurtenances of a romance, with robot-protagonist WALL-E meeting and falling in love with the enigmatic stranger EVE, also a robot, and doing everything that "he" can to be with "her," after their "meet-cute" and his interest in her show that she is meant to be his love interest (her interest in him being more inscrutable), and I guess it is a measure of our susceptibility to the pathetic fallacy that the prospect of this robot couple being separated tugs at the heartstrings and their reunion makes us sigh with pleasure.

  • #7782 submitted 02/12/2019: sodalist, living fossil, teem, hand-wringing, n. and adj.

    It is usually the case that an organization will be teeming with run-of-the-mill sodalists who follow innovations willingly, but there are always those members who are as much living fossils as the coelacanth and who engage in an orgy of hand-wringing over the slightest change in procedure.

  • #7780 submitted 02/11/2019: bloodnoun, boffin, bardolater, cannoli n.

    We are all knowledgeable about some things and not others, e.g., the story of the boffin who knew nothing about Shakespeare and the bardolator who knew nothing about technological innovation, forced to share a cabin during an academic team-building event, and while the boffin despised the bardolator's tendency to speak in quotations from Shakespeare and the bardolator despised the boffin's geeky tendency to take things apart and explain how they worked, they had an epiphany the night they agreed that cannoli, with its delicious crispy exterior and sweet cream filling, was the favorite dessert of both--and a further epiphany later that same night when they realized that neither of them knew what the ghastly creature outside was that was crying "BLOODNOUN! BLOODNOUN! BLOODNOUN!" until the English teacher in the cabin next door shouted "Yes! Blood is a noun! What do you want from us?!" and they heard her biologist roommate reply, "Relax! It's just a bloodnoun bullfrog."

  • #7779 submitted 02/10/2019: nidifugous, body camera, finicky, rat fink n. and adj.

    It was an ongoing sorrow to Elwood and Merope Pillforth that both of their sons had proven to be so difficult to push out of the nest, so that--although both were college graduates--both shared quarters in their parents' basement, but even worse than their failure to prove nidifugous was the fact that they detested one another and were complete opposites, in that Jameson was so finicky about neatness that he could not bear to sit down to breakfast before he had washed the dishes used to prepare it and Lyle was such a slob that his dishes piled up in the sink until several days had passed and Jameson went ahead and washed them himself; it was a pity, though, that Jameson depended so much on Lyle's carelessness when he decided to start dealing drugs out of his own bedroom, because Lyle wasn't too disorganized to notice his brother's activities, and after some pretty smooth work with a body camera, Lyle was happy to be the rat fink who turned his brother in to the law, because it meant he got to be the rat fink who had sole possession of the basement. 

  • #7777 submitted 02/09/2019: nidifugous, gassy, prescind, realia, n.

    The fact that chickens have nidifugous young is doubly inconvenient because not only are the chicks wandering about annoyingly almost the instant their feathers are dry, but--while a clutch of chicks going in all directions may sound adorable--the realia of the situation may include cats, dogs, and young children with a fondness for squeezing things, not to mention how even an adult may prescind in order to consider the day's activities, place a foot wrong, and end up with a gassy little corpse instead of a cute ball of fluff.

  • #7773 submitted 02/05/2019: ailurophile, who would have thunk it, mettlesome, addulce v.

    While courting Caspar Milquetoast, the thing Olivia Gabardine found most challenging was that he was an extreme ailurophile who, while thankfully he did not actually hoard cats, did center his entire life around Lucibelle, a rotund yet mettlesome grey tabby who had her own room in his two-bedroom apartment (Casper's home office was in the dining room) and who liked to say hello to visitors by scratching them vigorously and demanding treats; although Olivia did her best to addulce the prickly feline with food offerings, catnip, and honeyed speech, Lucibelle continued to display the general demeanor of a fiend from Hell and eventually Ms Gabardine joined the long line of ex-girlfriends, while Casper, though interested in marriage, at 40 found himself with his bachelor state unchanged: who'd've thunk it!

  • #7768 submitted 02/02/2019: rede, Imbolc, portend, rabbit hole, n.

    While working on a ranch as part of the witness protection program, Grantly Maroon became interested in Wicca and decided to perform an Imbolc ritual on the Saturday closest to February 1st, when he would get each of the cattle to jump over a fire in order to ensure their good health, but--acting without rede and mistaking the size of the fire needed for the ritual--Grantley planned to drive the animals over a large bonfire, which portended an impromptu Texas-style barbecue; fortunately, one of his friends, realizing the size of the fire she was helping to prepare, called animal protection, but by the time officers arrived, the feds had already snatched Grantley Maroon off the ranch and out of that identity, and had sent him down the rabbit hole.

  • #7544 submitted 07/21/2018: paragnosis, bluff out, acolyte, cabbage, n.3

    When Cinderella's cruel stepmother and stepsisters forbade her to go to the ball, her fairy godmother changed her appearance so that she could bluff them out if they saw her, and in her gown made of magically transformed cabbage, which were no longer ill-assorted remnants of cloth, but an iridescent marvel of golden scales, she dazzled everyone at the ball, and when she fled, leaving one golden slipper behind that found its way to King Jeff, through paragnosis he knew that the owner of the shoe was the girl he wanted to marry and he sent his faithful acolytes far and wide searching for the woman whose foot the shoe would fit.

  • #6910 submitted 08/04/2017: debunk, gee-gee, manumit, hobbyhorse

    Amy belongs to PETA and her particular hobbyhorse is debunking the idea that horses are the devoted companions of their owners, so that every gee-gee she sees she attempts to manumit by releasing it from its pasture into the neighboring countryside.

  • #6900 submitted 07/24/2017: unitasking, schlep, haphazard, highfalutin

    Dolores Windemere had always been poor, so she had to schlep her laundry to the bus stop and thence to the laundromat, where she sat staring into space as her clothes went round and round; people thought she was a highfalutin snob too proud to talk to them, but she was merely unitasking, because she had read multitasking is bad for you, and there she would sit until the haphazard shaking and bouncing of the cheap machines made her get up to go see that her clothes were still in one piece

  • #6897 submitted 07/21/2017: niveous, imbroglio, gauche, al desko

    Jack Hardshaw worked so hard at his job for the bank that he often lunched al desko, but it made him feel gauche when an underling from one of the branches met with him to solve some business imbroglio and he had to clear away the plates and wrappings from his meal, often leaving niveous drifts of salt on his desk. 

  • #6891 submitted 07/17/2017: retral, unused, steadfast, exculpatory

    Caspar Milquetoast was accused of robbing a bank by getting inside after hours and carrying bags of cash out the unused retral entrance into the alley, after which the community shunned him, but he had some steadfast friends who worked to prove his innocence: at last they found the exculpatory evidence that freed him and convicted Horace Schmidt, his exact double.

  • #6875 submitted 07/03/2017: grimthorpe, coupist, construe, sotto voce

    After first conducting their conspiracies to overthrow the government in great secrecy, sotto voce in restaurants and by coded messages, all the while detailing to one another how they would return the state to the original vision of the founders, once the putsch happened the coupists proceeded to grimthorpe their new regime with brute enthusiasm, it soon becoming clear that they construed the nature and purposes of the state very differently from most originalists.  

  • #6872 submitted 07/01/2017: subrogate, blame Canada, sericeous, exurb

    After a man was found dead in North Dakota with strange fine hairs and pincer marks around his mouth, investigations eventually led to the discovery of a top secret base on the other side of the Canadian border and a US-Government-funded experiment that had produced soft-bodied sericeous moth-like creatures grown to enormous size, which had got loose somehow, multiplied, and were only now beginning to reach the exurbs of Grand Forks, but when the lawsuits against the government began to roll in, officials fell back on the blame-Canada tradition, implementing it literally by attempting to subrogate Canada for the US in the court actions.

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