Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by YorkieBooth

  • #7303 submitted 03/21/2018: stridulant, sylvan, cadre, huh, n.

    In #sylvan sun-dappled tranquility
    Punctuated solely by the #stridulant travail
    of a distant woodpecker
    A #cadre of wood ants build their nest
    Under a bough, on the #huh.

  • #7285 submitted 03/13/2018: killjoy, shenanigans, laudable, fundied adj

    The winter chill whispered, "No more of your Summer shenanigans; though laudable, now they be fundied and I a killjoy shall be."

  • #7266 submitted 03/04/2018: widdershins, scene-stealing, cursory, money spider, n.

    Today I caught a cursory glimpse of a tiny arachnid: this money spider was scene-stealing from his comrades, weaving widdershins to their adroit web.

  • #7257 submitted 02/28/2018: fain, saloop, exegesis, Lentiner n.

    We fain would hear the reasons why a lentiner should be caught, simply because there is saloop on the menu, and the parson's exegesis interpreted the text about birds incorrectly.

  • #7254 submitted 02/27/2018: tantivy, minaudière, tenebrous, funambulate v.

    I did not object to being called a minaudiere, but when I watched the performers funambulate I thought they were much more classy than I, so I ran tantivy style in haste to the dressmaker, in the tenebrous evening, to obtain some sequinned tutus.

  • #7020 submitted 10/18/2017: pantophobia, henotheism, malign, pamphlet

    "Come, take a pamphlet", the henotheist cried

    Read about this one God, won't you come inside?

    But I, a pantophobiac, really must decline.

    For fear of any other Gods

    I may need to malign

  • #6982 submitted 09/30/2017: mammothrept, bombast, apropos, mannequin

    A mammothrept was mincing down the avenue one day
    Oblivious to every passer by.
    For he was planning mischief, and in his thought was lost
    Until a mannequin, he there did spy.
    Quite apropos of nothing
    In the winking of an eye,
    The fiendish brat did form a cunning plan.
    I shall unpick its bombast
    And leave it there unstuffed.
    Am I not a naughty little man

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