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Quandary Resolutions by akshayats

  • #5434 submitted 01/09/2014: inimical, carpe diem, plastron, comport

    The Lokayukta - Indian federal anti-corruption cell - was watchfully, purposefully and strategically disbanded publicly, save a handful clandestine sleuths, at which point, all the corrupt politicians had a carpe diem with unfettered bribes and unruly favours for many months; all of them were quite easily apprehended when the cell was resurrected according to plan half a year later thus filtering out only a few leaders who had been comporting themselves as always, their honesty and righteousness serving as an effective plastron against the inimical lure of ill gotten gains.

  • #5169 submitted 09/06/2013: tycoon, munificent, fomite, gingham

    Hugo Rastapopulos, shipping magnate, auto genius, and sugar tycoon, who had recently unraveled an international textile brand in south eastern China (which produced apparel for men, tailored from a local weave of gingham) made himself seem munificent with prices and welcomed critical accolades for his prescience on economic success but was oblivious to the potential for his downfall with the cloth being a fantastic fomite to a rare strain of lethal skin bacteria.

  • #5089 submitted 08/05/2013: Ponzi scheme, dog days, contraband, hyperhidrosis

    Mad-Eye Larry, a stout hyperhidrotic despicable weed, yet the only brainy money cow in Pedro Capone's cartel a few miles outside Oaxaca, quite rapidly wet his shirt when the federales blasted through his makeshift coffee shop one afternoon; the era from the financial dog days in contraband coke and hashish of March '93 till the recent past of the brilliant so-called white-collar lucrative ponzi scheme he had engineered, flashed before his mind's eye - every single misdeed begging to be the reason of this sudden apprehension.

  • #4884 submitted 06/03/2013: calyculus, guardian angel, encumber, automaton

    The solar-powered maglev "Hoverman-2.1" is an apt, complementary automaton to Amazon storehouse workers: with its calyculus carrier for 20 kilo payloads at its midriff (and unencumbered by frequent recharges and locomotive issues, and with it's mishap-avoiding safety features) it makes a perfect guardian angel.

  • #3588 submitted 03/12/2012: preantepenultimate, zombie out, upbraid, remit

    After accumulating a meagerly peppered batting record for the 4th season in a row, upbraiding the umpires in a league match for a human-error based wrong decision and zombying out on drugs during his suspension, child prodigy Jack Justforkicks, however, a true Yorkshire pinch hitting talent, was remited and he sat on the bench as the preantepenultimate choice amidst a long list of possible substitutes.

  • #3572 submitted 03/06/2012: goo-goo, begorra, putsch, appertain

    The extensively learned Prime Minister of India was expected to be a messaiah to the reservation-retarded, corrupt democratic system, however he was, begorra, just a puppet and an administrative goo-goo, whom the wily cabinet were conniving to putsch by targetting sensitive issues that appertained the debatable nationality of his party leader.

  • #3559 submitted 02/29/2012: cuckold, unflappable, bosk, quadrennial

    It was that time again when a cataclysm of internet traffic would simply whither and die at CIA, Langley as  the notorious cyber criminal Napster commenced the quadrennial intrusion of their fortified and sentried, highly classified bosk of file systems, with joyously trotting, unflappable, procreating virulent programs which twisted the arm of Chief General Maj. Morris to resentfully cuckold his own workforce and seek relief by bowing to the demands of mercurial hackers all around the globe.

  • #3552 submitted 02/27/2012: capricious, postremogeniture, viva voce, flexuous

    In 1876, Prince Whackadoodle IV,  after ascending the postremogeniture throne of Scotland in preference to his eight elder sisters, passed decrees capriciously making flexuous rules for the kingdom amongst which the most ridiculed one directed for all further decrees to be made viva voce, in order to save time.

  • #3539 submitted 02/22/2012: insignia, rheum, abjure, ad rem

    Dr. Josh, lay sprawled against the seedy wall behind St. Martha's, rheum-eyed and abject, the stench of his vomit reminding him in retrospect the way he had ad rem abjured from preventive vaccination to give it instead to the many who were not immune like he was, or so he had been led to believe, before the late but prominent positive insignia on his forearm from a false negative which now instilled a slight fear of impending mortality on his intrepid, relentless, selfless being.

  • #3537 submitted 02/21/2012: graffiti, homoglyph, copious, bespeak

    Robert Langdon, the professor in symbology, entered a hidden labyrinth under the church's wine cellar only to be encapsulated by copious graffiti of archaic scripts and symbols on the damp walls, amongst which a particular homoglyph of a mere synonym of the Mary Magdelene, which bespoke of the whereabouts of the key to the crypt caught his weary eye.

  • #2947 submitted 06/21/2011: laodicean, guru, decry, pullulate

    He enjoyed the laodecian hippie life style, experimented with narcotics, he decried the importance of business and marketing over intellectual and academical achievement, he pullulated the commons with his extremely aesthetic, intuitively designed, pleasing, pragmatic gadgets - he is Steve Jobs the guru of Apple.

  • #2942 submitted 06/20/2011: golgotha, peaceable, ritzy, yarely

    As Emperor Asoka sat in shaken introspection overlooking the golgotha of the now meaningless bloodshed, he remembered how he had cared little for all the ritzy comments of his parliament and set his humungous yet yare army at the Kalingas; a sudden change arose in his mind - the advent of the peaceable Buddhism.

  • #2929 submitted 06/16/2011: lignify, hale, efficacious, brindled

    Pirate Davy Jones commanded  Pintel and Ragetti who haled the condemned Will Turner to begin the efficacious lignification rituals on him so that he would soon begin to fulfil his lifetime of servitude to the crew and ship by becoming one with the brindled putrid walls of the hold.

  • #742 submitted 02/05/2010: methuselah, affront, alow, distrait

    Distrait, trying to keep her methuselah grandfather conscious, Jane affronted the burning teak doors and ran alow to safety through the corridor, dodging deadly tongues of fire in all directions.

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