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  • #6112 submitted 10/20/2015: toenadering, atrabilious, capitulate, dithyramb

    Despite the loyal member's dithyrambs that suggested his unbroken loyalty to the movement,  toenadering with the co-chair of the county Green Party was not in the cards, mainly due to the leader's atrbilious attitude, and this one (seemingly) lone wolf ultimately capitulated and sought out another party that might be more

  • #6110 submitted 10/19/2015: hogen-mogen, cacoethes, oldster, mawkish

    The octogenarian oldster was definitely schizophrenic, suffering a cacoethes one moment to be mawkishly sycophantic to an unnamed US President now long dead, and putting on a hogen mogen performance the next, pretending to be the advisor to some other also-unnamed former president.

  • #6102 submitted 10/13/2015: peculate, cenote, proclivity, cognoscenti

    The cognoscenti of classical economics would have us all believing that their system consistently creates jobs galore, even though there is no particular proclivity on the part of the capitalists to create more jobs than new technology destroys; they want us to have faith in their integrity, that there really are good capitalists who only exploit workers and environmental resources with the most compassionate intentions, as if that were actually possible, never abusing or peculating the public treasury, which they regularly raid with subsidies they demand via their lobbying power, and proceed to waste down an enormous cenote of favors and disproportionate remuneration for themselves and their wealthy families.

  • #6099 submitted 10/12/2015: ambit, umami, delve, bromide

    Once more, the neoliberal politician responded to the reporter's question with the utterance of another one of his endless trove of bromides (and he seemed to have about a million of them, with one for every occasion), and these seemed to be the ambit of his intellectual repetoire, refusing to actually delve into the issue and address the problem of hunger in America directly, more interested in the gluttonous spread of umami dishes being served at the annual Democratic Party fundraiser.

  • #6096 submitted 10/10/2015: dotterel, yonic, wooden, jejune

    Those neoliberal hacks believed their ideology arose naturally, as if borne and delivered out the yonic passage of some Mother Economics, and woodenly ignored the consequences for so many billions; they counted on the poorly-educated masses to be the dotterels for their cynical, selfish, sociopathic plan for humankind; and any protest from these masses were met with either scorn from the corporate rat-pack or patronizing from jejune politicians who lacked the courage and imagination to stand up to these dark forces, and this was all readily accepted by the public as some unchangeable law of the universe -- which was to be expected, given their lack of understanding about genuine democracy and their own basic human rights in those dark, earlier years before the Great Disaster.

  • #6094 submitted 10/09/2015: dotterel, fictionary, incidence, tumescent

    In just one incidence of word abuse, an author (with a degree in linguistics no less!) used the word "deprecated" to mean "obsolescent" throughout the manual for the programming language he created, some rather tumescent thinking on his part, and this appears to be pretty commonplace, with millions of dotterels blindly accepting any and all new nomenclature from the software industry's poorly-chapperoned game of fictionary.

  • #5283 submitted 11/04/2013: bupkis, mara, lade, skeigh

    I felt unfairly lade having to pay such a price for the ointment to relieve my itching, painful mara of scabies, and the skeigh customer rep at the pharmaceutical company didn't seem to know bupkis about this coupon for the drug.

  • #5279 submitted 11/02/2013: bumbledom, tell it to the marines, eristic, counterpoise

    After about 45 rounds of the same eristic argument with this poster on Disqus, I finally told him to tell it to the marines; this bumbledom of his interfered with the ability to pose constructive statements that reflected thoughtfulness, inquiry, and discovery by means of counterpoise, not the mere gamesaying of every point I tried to make!

  • #5278 submitted 11/02/2013: bumbledom, tell it to the marines, eristic, counterpoise

    After about 45 rounds of the same eristic argument with this poster no Disqus, I finally told him to tell it to the marines; his bumbledom interfered with his ability to pose constructive statements that reflected thoughtfulness, inquiry, and discovery by means of counterpoise, not the mere gamesaying of every point I tried to make!

  • #5276 submitted 11/01/2013: bumbledom, auton, vaporware, animalcule

    "No, I do not want to reiterate the details of this bug in your software again for the third time!" I remonstrated after being repeatedly placed back in the phone queue to listen to some misprogrammed auton suggest every solution from rebooting my computer to buying some other package of their vaporware;  "I want to speak to someone other than you or the last two idiots whose bumbledom was only exceeded by their obvious lack of knowledge of your company's software," to which this tech support analyst promptly responded by connecting me to yet one more of these animalcules, who said in the same calm, patronizing, passive-aggressive voice, "I'm sorry for that inconvenience, sir; now, please, how can I help you today?"

  • #5248 submitted 10/22/2013: primogeniture, subduct, antic, chattel

    Having been subducted into believing their nation enjoyed some kind of primogeniture, as if it were the big brother providing guidance to other western nations, the people happily and arrogantly regarded the warmongering and economic violence and eavesdropping by its government as normal and quite justified antics to defend the boundaries of their worldwide empire, treating environment and workers alike as simple chattel resources for its own consumption.

  • #5240 submitted 10/18/2013: pestilent, stipulate, doozy, aureole

    But the party faithful continued to worship in the aureole of their austerity policy, pestilent though its effects might be to every living organism on the planet including its human component, stipulating at every opportunity the dire need to destroy some crowning achievement of their political foes merely to score a political point for supposed fiscal responsibility at the price (ironically) of one doozy of a worldwide economic disaster.

  • #5189 submitted 09/24/2013: hypocorism, heretofore, hapless, fermata

    I have been hapless, at least heretofore, in convincing posters on that forum to quit it with their annoying and -- I think -- confusing use of aphorisms, bromides, cliches, famous quotes, and especially the hypocorisms describing their various peeves with certain officials and institutions; these rants of theirs leave my ears ringing and my brain acheing like an endless fermata from a bad opera.

  • #5145 submitted 08/24/2013: Dr. Strangelove, provident, corn salad, bedraggle

    I could not make any truly provident decision since my overpriced private, for-profit, health insurance plan only provided one gastroenterologist, a man who was more like some intestinal Dr. Strangelove than a medical professional, who recommended a straight diet of nothing but water and corn salad, leaving me even more bedraggled and weak than I had been previously.

  • #5138 submitted 08/21/2013: siren, accismus, permeate, gibbous

    Like a pack of wolves baying at a gibbous moon, so is every opportunity to rape the public of their last dollar like a siren call for the neoconservative "economists," their self-interest blatantly permeating every political action that further concentrates their wealth and power on the now familiar ruse that their system of distribution by deprivation is really in our best interests, insulting our intelligence with this posturing that so obviously reeks of accismus.

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