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Quandary Resolutions by chimchim

  • #1311 submitted 06/02/2010: philippic, interpose, nidifugous, goad

    Ignoring the philippic of his nest mates, furious as they were at his prodigal return after his nidifugous peregrination (started upon while still wet from his egg), the young raptor interposed himself between open mouths, shoving siblings aside, and goaded both mother and chicks to provide him an uninterrupted feast.

  • #1156 submitted 04/27/2010: sass, jinx, soi-disant, quash

    "A jinx on you for your sass!" exclaimed Greta, soi-disant adult in the playroom, quashing her infant brother's wailing protests with her six-become-sixty hex, if only for a moment.

  • #1147 submitted 04/26/2010: cathect, didactic, spilth, quisling

    After Bea said "Don't cry over a spilth of milk", Ned cathected briefly, pondering whether to play the quisling Benedict Arnold and insult her doubly didactic advice, or to lisp right back at her: "I do practith what you doth preach."

  • #1130 submitted 04/23/2010: achates, simony, collogue, moil

    While watching the wives moil with the childrens' annual church picnic lunch -- soiled and wet with spilled chocolate pudding -- Ned collogued a private aside to his loyal and true achates Rob, saying "Do you think I'll be accused of simony if Father Todd sees my donation as a quid prop quo for the open deacon position, when all I really want to do is drive his MG?"

  • #1122 submitted 04/21/2010: pygmalionism, penalize, hawthorn, empyrean

    Ned didn't feel he should be penalized -- a permanent ban seemed harsh! -- for his hawthorn topiary of Salma Hayek, her empyrean bust-line being heavenly indeed, but he understood that as a symbol of pygmalionism, not everyone would fall in love with so large a hedge.

  • #1105 submitted 04/18/2010: aeroponics, cicatrise, paean, disport

    Having recently completed his orchestral paean to Paean's suggestion to Zeus that he use his lightning as cautery to cicatrise festering wounds rather than smiting the unloyal, Ned felt the urge to disport playfully back to his first love--aeroponics--finding it much easier to take the dirt away from plants' roots than from generations of mythological Bacchanalia.

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