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Quandary Resolutions by cusheamus

  • #443 submitted 12/14/2009: anomie, ascribe, depredate, numinous

    The gods have given the nod to the old library (with its remarkable, numinous reading room), far removed in spirit at least from the anomie of its environs and, to date, immune from the depredations of the locals, which I ascribe simply to their superstitious fear of the carvings on the outer walls.

  • #438 submitted 12/13/2009: dumbassery, tussock, indefeasible, largess

    An achievement everlastingly indefeasible in the Annals of Dumbassery (Vol. XII, pp. 431-434, "The uses of quadrivial quandaries in rural charities"), Mr. Myte's masterful analysis of Ms. Mussock's dependence on the whey-splattered tussock is the best sort of logophiliac largess[e].

  • #430 submitted 12/12/2009: dumbassery, ideogram, receipt, palliate

    In receipt of an imperfect copy of the parchment, Theodore mistook the ideogram signifying "henchman" for a similar one meaning "chief wife", thereby unfortunately cementing rather than palliating his reputation for dumbassery.

  • #422 submitted 12/11/2009: ploce, undownable, namby-pamby, recalcitrant

    The web is being either recalcitrant or, more likely, indecisive, in yielding up the correct pronunciation of "ploce"; only my undownable enthusiasm for hearing the particular music of "ploce" is prompting me to continue collecting possible options in order that I may finally be able to say "ploce" out loud in public and reassure myself that collectively these dictionary sites are not as namby-pamby as they now seem.

  • #413 submitted 12/09/2009: epanorthosis, comport, ukase, ratiocination

    His usual comportment was that of a reasonable and modest man, but on the occasion in question, he abandoned ratiocination and restraint completely, bellowing fiats, decrees, and ukases in an epanorthotic frenzy of cocaine-induced grandiosity.

  • #405 submitted 12/08/2009: periphrastic, John Lennon glasses, fiery, solicitous

    "My dear Miss Sinclair", he murmured solicitously, "let us eschew laborious periphrasis and come straight to the point: those John Lennon glasses, which give you a vague air of benevolent owlishness, are the perfect disguise for someone of your fiery and cross-grained temperament."

  • #402 submitted 12/07/2009: rhopalic, animadversion, Nimrod, fatuous

    Mrs. Delver, stung by her mother-in-law's animadversions, finally capitulated and named her son Nimrod Ransacker Delver III, although she remained uncertain whether such a rhopalic name suggested greatness or only fatuity.

  • #394 submitted 12/05/2009: savoir-faire, consternation, chapfallen, nonplus

    It was not easy to nonplus Dr. Guernsey, whose unruffled savoir-faire extended to cover even our current predicament, although his oafish sidekick Frank was badly rattled enough for both of them, to the point that several of the well-armed mob in front of us began to grin at his chapfallen consternation, even to laugh, albeit ferally.

  • #381 submitted 12/04/2009: savoir-faire, piffle, leviathan, gallimaufry

    And lo! Leviathan shall rise up from her abode in the deep, piffling snortily as she comes, and the savoir faire of the people shall be greatly troubled and, yea, their gallimaufries shall be gathered up and beaten into, um, big fish hooks.

  • #373 submitted 12/03/2009: chef-d'oeuvre, flaneur, winnow, roborant

    THE FLANEUR: A STROLL THROUGH THE PARADOXES OF PARIS, while perhaps not Edmund White's chef d'oeuvre, is nevertheless idiosyncratically engaging and probably particularly roborant for anyone interested in winnowing from his experience any traces of heterosexuality.

  • #368 submitted 12/02/2009: esprit de corps, sententious, pundit, myrmidon

    Mr Rafferty is sadly wanting in esprit de corps: he sets himself above the rest of us, desiring to be thought our resident pundit, regularly delivering himself of sententious exhortations meant to spur us to conform to his higher standards and, while we do not want another robotic myrmidon, we would be grateful if he showed a smidge more team spirit, particularly when we are all pinned down by enemy fire.

  • #356 submitted 12/01/2009: amour-propre, hebetude, disputatious, couture

    The disputacious bastard was always disrupting my carefully cultivated hebetude, but this particular public assault on my amour-propre (in the form of some cutting remarks on the nature of my friendship with Yves, the couturier) was the last straw, so I roused myself, sharpened my wits, and gave him a thorough tongue-lashing.

  • #350 submitted 11/30/2009: rapporteur, sartorial, tristful, couture

    Despite being a sartorially sophisticated rapporteur for the evening wear segment of the fashion industry, I was overcome by the tristful beauty of the Badgley Mischka couture wedding dress, with its light dusting of smoky beads.

  • #341 submitted 11/29/2009: scienter, languish, imbroglio, malleable

    It was into that dispiriting imbroglio that I blundered, haud scienter, this morning around 7:45, where I was forced to languish miserably for what seemed like hours, although likely it was not so long; my commitment to accuracy is quite malleable in the service of making a sympathetic impression.

  • #335 submitted 11/28/2009: scienter, astrobleme, congruous, rusticate

    We drove down to Donald's country house to rusticate for a few days, looking forward especially to seeing once more the small astrobleme lake - surprisingly circular for a completely natural feature - with the delightfully congruous rotunda on the island in the center (where Donald used to linger, scienter, in the hopes of glimpsing Rory skinny dipping).

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