Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by cusheamus

  • #334 submitted 11/27/2009: scienter, wallflower, inoculate, gourmand

    Whether gourmet, gourmand, or frank glutton, they proceeded scienter into the little inn where, nestled against a jar of wilting wallflowers, Mrs. O'Brien's famous mushroom tart lay (inoculated this time, alas, with bits of ground Amanita phalloides).

  • #301 submitted 11/24/2009: cap-a-pie, claptrap, macédoine, martinet

    After the roast duck, there was a macedoine of tropical fruits (concocted earlier in the afternoon by Guillaume, martinet of the kitchen, who had disallowed my Caucasian whortleberries in the mix because they were insufficiently equatorial), throughout which we listened to the latest faddish claptrap from Cousin Louise, a cap-a-pie fool if ever there was one.

  • #286 submitted 11/22/2009: nettle, leaven, mollycoddle, affable

    How I loved him, that affable mollycoddler, the leaven in the loaf of our small business, always pleasant and indulgent, quietly going about his work, his steady kindness never disturbed by our nettlesome shenanigans!

  • #266 submitted 11/20/2009: nettle, Jezebel, galvanize, billingsgate

    Grasping the nettle galvanized the shameless Jezebel's undeniable talent for endless, inventive, scatologically-oriented billingsgate.

  • #257 submitted 11/19/2009: subserve, frenetic, anachronism, obfuscate

    He made me yearn to be somewhere populated by a crowd of shiny robots, darting around in frenetic pursuit of innocent and obvious ends, instead of in the company of this solitary, cringing, subservient, shuffling old anachronism, with his mumbled obfuscations on the subject of mealtimes and the cook's inconvenient absences.

  • #249 submitted 11/18/2009: expiate, buttress, littoral, exegesis

    There's no chance of his being able to expiate his rudeness, now that he is no longer a buttress against the forces of barbarism, this former exegete of everyday etiquette, once poised elegantly on the littoral, between the grittiness of communal life and the soothing depths of seclusion.

  • #238 submitted 11/17/2009: convoke, idiomatic, flyting, perseverate

    We had all assembled at the Convocation of the Society of Undergraduate Debaters, except for Miss Campbell, whose horror of the unregulated sparring common to this sort of occasion confined her to her rooms, where for three hours she perseverated monotonously on the evils of the flyting she knew was occupying the others, each adrift in his own intemperate idiom.

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