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Quandary Resolutions by diveeee

  • #4645 submitted 04/04/2013: temerarious, roundabout, redbrick, ingratiate

    Ahmed Jianni—a retired redbrick alumnus heading the Nationalist Party—delivered a thunderous harangue which was not only modestly temerarious but also a roundabout glorifying his vision of retaining a democracy and denouncing the autocratic military: it did very little for his meticulous attempt to ingratiate his party workers who had lost faith in their leader's political capabilities after his infamous exile to Saudi Arabia amidst the ignominious corruption and unapologetic tax evasion charges levied upon him.

  • #4575 submitted 03/12/2013: suffragist, zombie out, piggyback, bevel

    Playing the part of a suffragist in ABC's popular political drama The Oval Office, Toni, constantly piggybacked by the caustic criticism of his director, watched the rest of the crew zombie out after his take, and that is when it dawned upon him: it would be next to impossible for his skills to strike the right bevel for an effective stage performance.

  • #4523 submitted 02/06/2013: implacable, galactagogue, factotum, feuilleton

    Remus (a factotum at the highly implacable and demanding Mayor Theodre Cramer's office by day and a bromatologist by the night) spent the icy and numbing nights in his lab, which was concealed below the mayor's office, researching the nutrient makeup of Diapress's recent range of artificial galactogogues in an ambitious attempt to expose cancer linkages--a revelation which, in the daily feuilleton, would bring down Diapress--Britain's leading Pharma.

  • #4454 submitted 01/11/2013: cenobite, superannuated, realia, pseudepigraphy

    The politic monk, a young cenobite who advocated that one need not be superannuated to realize the relevance of Buddhism in the present day of chaos, had taken upon himself to teach the newly initiated pupils--who like the rest of the world were exposed to a Buddhism envisaged from books cluttered with pseudepigraphy--the wisdom of practicing Buddhism not merely spiritually but rather as a way of life, following its preachings under the thicket of fig trees in the serene vicinity of the monastery serving as the realia emphasizing the legend that it was the Fig tree under which the great Buddha attained enlightenment.

  • #4442 submitted 01/08/2013: praxis, factitious, ramify, pseudology

    After acing the semi-annual praxis tests and acquiring the numero uno position in the  nationally administered uniform achievement test  "senta shiken" -Japan's toughest university entrance exam, Riyozaki silenced all those who mocked his claim of conquering The Senta Shiken as being factitous and was welcomed into the Hokkaido university (one among the National Seven Universities) with complete scholarship where he studied human psychology which had fast ramified into several branches including behavioral, clinical, cognitive and pseudology among others.

  • #4435 submitted 01/07/2013: cogent, burgess, pedagogical, pseudonymous

    Hank Ricarden, leaving behind his largely rewarding life in Langley as the agency's most skilled and cogent agent, became a burgess of India in the early 1990's initially as a part of a covert operation to infiltrate the local mafia accused of the drug trafficking originating around the Mumbai slums, later devoted his entire life to educating the poverty stricken kids of the infamous Bandra slums of Mumbai, under the pseudonymous identity of "DayaBhai" (an apt name meaning "the benevolent " in Hindi, christened by the inhabitants of the slum for whom Hank represented a symbol of hope, equality and freedom) was recently conferred the prestigious "Bharath Ratna" by the Indian government acknowledging his pedagogical pursuits for betterment of the destitute in the penurious neighborhoods of the Bandra slums.

  • #4422 submitted 01/04/2013: nugacity, swage, doctrine of signatures, couthie

    Recently crowned as the Editor-in-Chief of the major newspaper conglomerate The Herald, Howard Ridley, admired for his enthusiastic and couthie nature by all, was quintessentially a radical man, who not only vociferously spoke against the concept of old school pedagogy in print media (diminishing it to be a vapid doctrine of signatures and condemning forthrightly its nugacity), but also was an astute highbrow who knew how to work his way around people and their diverse opinions, much like an adroit blacksmith's powerful swage cautiously moulding a brittle metal.

  • #4414 submitted 01/02/2013: nouveau pauvre, Silent Sam, heliacal, advert

    Mr. Brown, often referred to as Silent Sam by his colleagues, saw himself turn into a helpless nouveau pauvre when he lost his 300 dollar bet regarding the heliacal rising of the circumpolar stars which had him advert an imprudent assertion—"These stars are not visible in Europe as they always stay above the horizon", whereas these stars are in fact location independent.  

  • #4353 submitted 12/20/2012: xerophyte, b'ak'tun, impolitic, counterblast

    The b'ak'tun era during which the xerophytes flourished in the scorching sun saw the meteoric rise of an impolitic and maladroit "Mesan" kingdom whose counterblast to any muted soul which attempted resistance against the bestial despotism was "We are the god class of people and another one of you down will merely cleanse our race".

  • #4346 submitted 12/19/2012: subjugate, doomsayer, algid, echolalia


    It was an algid and frosty December evening as Roger addressed the board in a final attempt to amass support in favor of the enumeration revamping policy where he spoke eloquently at length in an ardent anticipation to convince the board members to vote in favor of the policy while his mind played the doomsayer and forewarned him that try as he might, his meticulous speech would be discarded as just another echolalia by the archaic troop that prided itself on being a fierce believer of the concept - subjugate others to establish one's superiority

  • #4341 submitted 12/18/2012: quadrennium, pergola, lagniappe, whinge


    All the skinflint Mr. Brown did during a festivity was whinge uncontrollably for it required him to present a lagniappe to those few who patronized his services and this Christmas a notion engaged his sagacious mind, he turned to his unattended garden and glanced at the overgrown Chrisanthumum plant, supported on the pergola which for some strange reason flowered only once a quadrennium, as the perfect piece to humble his customers for their clientele.

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