Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by dust

  • #1872 submitted 10/13/2010: gamboge, palaver, erstwhile, apocopate

    Erstwhile, Ernie was the chatty, aging bachelor who palavered to almost any female bystander, but one day while working his shift at the chemical plant he was the victim of a spill of a gamboge-colored powder (which interestingly enough, was used to intercept the mating of certain insect pests by silencing their ability to make noise, which they use to locate a mate); and now, poor Ernie apocopates his every sentence.

  • #1864 submitted 10/12/2010: nankeen, belligerent, gimcrack, retrograde

    The man was so belligerent, haggling over the price of a glittering gimcrack, a table runner cheaply made of nankeen with a shiny print of The King of Pop's likeness, that the vendor stepped retrograde, apparently uneasy with the man's intensity.

  • #1760 submitted 09/20/2010: emanate, squamous, plaintive, imago

    A plaintive movement (An old tune Known by heart) Wavers his vision, Its squamous shreds (Coarse and obstructive From moult-neglect), And breeds brooding Over her likeness Which teems; An imago love Of one estranged Does emanate.

  • #1750 submitted 09/18/2010: shinney, pangram, scintillate, wend

    After a long day of driving, from the rear of the minivan, having awaited his turn at his family's favorite word game, pangram, the second eldest attempted, "Alfred better convince Dad every flippin'...", but he was cut short by the loud, rushing sound of Bumble Bee Tuna cans spilling from the tractor trailer ahead, scintillating in the dark as the father wended his way through the cans, observing, "Would anyone rather play shinney?"

  • #1729 submitted 09/15/2010: never-never land, eclectic, antecessor, arch

    Kowtowing to eclecticism, Never-never land became her real-ism; For standing on self-deception Enthusiastically arch, She became an occult antecessor For outlandish upstarts.

  • #1726 submitted 09/14/2010: hades, tepid, countermand, ambrosial

    Hearing the searing of bratwurst in the adjacent kitchen, Gilbert at first assumed a rather tepid disposition, but as the smoky, ambrosial smells swam nigh and lingered, he conceded by a lick of his lips, thereby countermanding his lukewarmness with a glutton's passion fit for Hades.

  • #1721 submitted 09/13/2010: camelot, corkscrew, flounder, tittle

    Cornered and corkscrewed, floundering under such pressure, the man of sworn silence finally yielded a tittle concerning that precious place, that Camelot of ours.

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