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Quandary Resolutions by freemancrouch

  • #5654 submitted 12/03/2014: impedimenta, fleeting, haggard, zoanthropy

    Bonkers Bunny, a trifle haggard from travel, put down his luggage and other impedimenta in the lobby of the Chicago Sheraton, and felt a fleeting moment of pity for the delusional people around him, who were doubtless suffering from clinical zoanthropy, unlike himself, who was, in actual fact, a six foot tall bunny rabbit with white gloves.

  • #5653 submitted 12/02/2014: amanuensis, bowk, shopaholic, solander

    "I dinna mean te bowk on thy solander boxes and thy manuscript," said a mortified Magnus McMagnus, a (usually) doughty Scot and amanuensis of Dr Johnson, having befouled a number of lovely solander boxes that Johnson had acquired in a rare shopaholic fit.

  • #5643 submitted 11/11/2014: refection, rumpty, anodyne, gossamer

    The refectory is in a rumpty state, in fact, my refection was covered with gossamer from the spiders, and no anodyne could settle my stomach after that.

  • #5641 submitted 10/31/2014: hendiadys, cauldron, adduce, cryptesthesia

    I propose to adduce an example of hendiadys somewhat germaine to halloween, to wit, a restaurant for witches called "Cryptesthesia & Cauldron" because it offered a cryptesthesia-inducing cauldron of delicious potion.

  • #5640 submitted 10/30/2014: epanalepsis, trainiac, collywobbles, baleful

    Barty Whistlestop, an incorrigible trainiac, who got the collywobbles when he viewed the baleful sight of the Red Line track being pulled up even though it was in the interest of an expanded Metro, said to himself (in an uncharacteristic use of epanalepsis), "The metro is dead; long live the Metro."

  • #5639 submitted 10/28/2014: zeugma, mulct, sempiternal, poltergeist

    Unlike my boss Buck McScrooge, who feels he's being mulcted when he turns loose a penny to the Man; who wages battle sempiternal with our poor tax collector, Janet
    Feely, and who has indeed sworn to return after death to the assessor-collector office as a poltergeist and raise unmitigated hell, I am a happy taxpayer, and cheerfully write my checks rather than my legislators (which is, I think, a zeugma for you).

  • #5638 submitted 10/27/2014: antimetabole, wife-beating question, homage, odontoid

    How sharper than a serpent's tooth (that would be an odontoid simile) it is to formuate a wife-beating question as an antimetabole; perhaps, in an homage to Winston Churchill, t'would be easier to find a question-beating wife.

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