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Quandary Resolutions by gumo420

  • #3307 submitted 11/10/2011: catawampus, permablock, ziggurat, pansophy

    Though completely catawampus the permablock proved a successful enough obstacle to the Ziggurat that the pansophistic pursuits of the plagiarizing polygamist, Phenton Phellcourt, proved pointedly pointless.

  • #2715 submitted 04/18/2011: calliopean, primal scene, condign, corybantic

    It’s one thing to be presented with the primal scene in childhood; but to be condemned to the corybantic calliopean parental gesticulations of conjugal flagrante-delicto on the kitchen table, in ones forties, is unbearably excessive and it would be a supremely condign punishment of their antics were I to actually find my own apartment.

  • #2710 submitted 04/17/2011: usquebaugh, Paphian, lavation, scurrilous

    The lavational divesture of good taste and rational thought with usquebaugh prior to scurrilous paphian pursuits is a tradition dating back to the discovery of fermentation and the kegger.

  • #2691 submitted 04/14/2011: nodus, moue, compurgator, moratory

    The judge’s declaration of a moratorium on payments, due to the depth of the nodus upon which the contract was based, drew impuissant objections and distressed moue from both the plaintiff and his compurgator’s.

  • #2178 submitted 01/03/2011: dendroid, judder, concrete, descry

    No sooner had his companions descried her than they began to judder uncontrollably and viscid dendroidal arms entwined their bodies, completely consuming them, setting like living concrete, turning them to stone.

  • #1559 submitted 08/05/2010: jejune, mantle, colloquy, cheechako

    The congresswoman form Arizona proved herself both a cheechako and a moron when, taking up the mantle of environmentalist at the House Armed Services Committee colloquy, she questioned the General about carbon emissions on the battlefield and suggested, in a most jejune manner, that clubbing or knifing the enemy would be a more effective environmental choice.

  • #1541 submitted 07/30/2010: meretricious, nief, inchoate, casuistry

    He was a neif who rose beyond all expectation by pandering with meretricious casuistry to the inchoate narcissism of the nouveau riche.

  • #1533 submitted 07/29/2010: fulsome, bistro, adjure, busticate

    Ernest, deep in his cups, sat pressed against frail little Alice spewing fulsome tales of his conquests until Gertrude entered the noisome little bistro, adjuring Hemingway to “back off stud muffin, unless you long to have your boy parts busticated, for a knee is a knee is a knee.”

  • #1527 submitted 07/28/2010: psychopomp, bait and switch, friable, behemoth

    At the border between heaven and hell Montegut, once known as the behemoth of Wall Street, naturally got into the heaven line but his personal psychopomp, who introduced himself as Charon, said there was no need to wait and dazzled and betrayed the spiritually bankrupt financier with an exquisite bait and switch that reduced his porous and friable soul to dusty sweepings easily transported to the bowels of hell.

  • #1342 submitted 06/09/2010: congeries, nostrum, delegate, noctivagant

    The delegation from England to the Court of Phillip II was plagued by a combination of intestinal distress and sleeplessness that His Majesty’s court physician treated with a unique nostrum of his own design (that consisted of congeries of such diverse elements as herbs and desiccated offal and manures) that did produce the desired release, but only during unsavory noctivagations of the Royal Suites: it was to set a very dark tone to the relationship between Spain and England for quite some time.

  • #1338 submitted 06/08/2010: starets, isometric, obstreperous, Occidental

    When a small band of obstreperous startsy, who practiced contorted isometrics while balancing on vodka bottles, found a massive following in occidental Europe and the Americas, their departure gave the Kremlin a deep sense of relief, but it was their vow to never to return that fueled the three day celebration.

  • #1333 submitted 06/07/2010: taxis, approbative, balletomane, fathom

    I could never fathom her attraction to him, save the fact that he, in spite of his thug-like appearance, was an avid balletomane and she a ballerina clearly in need of his passionate approbation and, perhaps, his enormous hands in performing the essential taxis occasionally necessary after one of their legendary coital escapades.

  • #1219 submitted 05/10/2010: utopia, evoke, yeasty, muliebrity

    I remember lingering in that utopian muliebral lubricity and struggling to define that exquisite gossamer fluid she flooded upon me, only to discover my fumbling words merely evoked my own callow and inappropriate yeastiness.

  • #1205 submitted 05/07/2010: vellicate, deicide, intoxicate, eristic

    The sad truth was that I found these eristic polemics on deicide both tedious and intoxicating; for they always left me in a state of intellectual vellication so acute I was driven to nausea.

  • #1199 submitted 05/06/2010: batten, umpteenth, plagiary, perpend

    In the midst of his battened circumstance, so magnificently supported by the gullible and his own unique gift for plagiary, Fitzgerald perpended the value of money over honor and, for the umpteenth time in as many years, instantly assigned the thought to the too stupid to be considered file.

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