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Quandary Resolutions by harishkumar09

  • #6291 submitted 04/01/2016: entoptic, gamergate, vagary, ninnyhammer

    The ninnyhammer dreamed all day and his dreams were as free floating and chimerical as his entoptic visions (to the enjoyment of which he dedicated hours);  in his dreams he was no insect thrown about by the vagaries of life but rather he would - once the ailing patriarchs of his family died - rise to be the richest and most powerful man in the country by way of inheritance and influence,  not unlike some gamergate metamorphosing and taking  over the hive once the Queen Bee died.

  • #6289 submitted 03/30/2016: punalua, sewer, sidereal, valetudinarian

    The most valuable valetudinarian in the village, having convinced himself that his sewer was not responsible for his recurring illness, turned to astrology to find a sidereal cause for his perennial ill-health, but was discouraged in his efforts to fault the stars when his personal doctor attributed his life-long suffering to consanguinity brought about by punalua – to which exotic practice his forefathers were introduced while on a journey to Africa.

  • #6287 submitted 03/29/2016: apricity, primate, quorum, tessellate

    The April apricity induced such indolence amongst the august gathering, that the Bishops who had gathered in quorum to choose the next primate tacitly decided  to spend the remaining afternoon trying to tessellate the triangles on the ceiling into patterns that evoked the face of the Holy See.

  • #6281 submitted 03/25/2016: paries, all Sir Garnet, undulant, vernissage

    Sir Percival, the renowned socialite, painter of some repute and fashionista, endeavoring to retain his reputation as an art aficionado and respectable art critic, arrived for the vernissage dressed and decorated impeccably; with the paintings all done up, the Mayor and his entourage ready to felicitate the artist, and the fawning press ready to record every syllable uttered, everything was all Sir Garnet; until upon viewing the paintings of the unaristocratic and blase Mr. John Smith, which described the undulant landscape of Iowa with such vividity, the august Sir Percival (painter of some repute) realizing that he was nowhere close  to this maestro and could never approach his talent and skill, was filled with such loathing and jealousy that  not only did he with one full sweep peel the pallete and the canvas off the table but also could feel his paries peeling itself off his stomach .

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