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Quandary Resolutions by jayved

  • #4492 submitted 01/24/2013: shrapnel, alicorn, engagé, kibitzer

    A strong notion is on float by the people of this country that possessing nuclear arms will serve as the alicorn to keep the unfriendly country at bay as the shrapnel of hostile attitude from the other side that has the nuclear capability punctures the most keen efforts of even the engagé peace talkers who are not just any kibitzers but are of international credence.

  • #3881 submitted 06/24/2012: auscultate, dead tree edition, borborygmus, instauration

    As I was being auscultated by the couple of  doctors at my hospital bed, my most worried younger sister rushed in, holding a bulky dead tree edition pertaining to gall bladder ‘symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment’,  asking me to read all the contents urgently as if running my eye through them was the only instauration available; she had no idea how uncomfortable I felt with a fit of borborygmus inside me that made me turn a deaf ear towards her recital.

  • #3759 submitted 04/30/2012: mentor, consonant, spiel, aphotic

    What his mentor RamKumar conveyed to him was not mere a spiritual spiel, but a sincere, selfless and affectionate counsel to help him establish a genuine and sustainable consonance with the various aspects of his life, that of late, looked to be immersed in aphotic disappointments.

  • #3647 submitted 03/29/2012: avulse, otorhinolaryngology, zoomorphic, eudemonia

    With his tiny hands helping me in avulsing the top portion of the carton, my son's excitement turned into sadness as he found inside only the obnoxious looking books on otorhinolaryngology, but he sprung back into a state of eudemonia as he eventually discovered, deep inside the carton, his favorite comic books with colorful zoomorphic characters.

  • #3644 submitted 03/28/2012: begrudge, lacrimae rerum, epaulet, luxate

    The Mauryan Emperor Asoka, who attacked the republic of Kalinga and emerged as the winner with his brutal strength in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of India, upon visiting the battlefield aftermath of the war, full of dead soldiers lying around with their luxated body parts and scattered war gadgets, gears and tools, found a familiar looking epaulet, which he instantly recognized as belonging to his own beloved son who commandeered the royal army; this put the emperor in the poignant state of lacrimae rerum, and though he once begrudged others of his powers and authority, the emperor now gave away the reigns of his kingdom to one of his trusted ministers and he himself became a disciple of a Buddist Guru to submit his entire life for the cause of spreading the religion throughout Central and Far East Asia.

  • #3632 submitted 03/27/2012: discomfit, fan death, knee-jerk, chelonian

    The discomfited manager of Kolkata Aquarium Museum, facing the gathered family members of the young chelonian keeper who was found dead in his quarters, tried to pacify the crowd, mentioning a ‘fan death’ possibility, but the  knee jerk reactions from the suspicious family members was that it was a nonsense defense.

  • #3628 submitted 03/26/2012: subsume, immolate, hebdomadal, catechize

    A panel of three senior inspectors was formed to catechize the arrested leaders of the Jat community and gather the complete information as to who in the community’s last hebdomandal review meeting ordered or encouraged the innocent boys  to immolate themselves so that further pressure is put on  the government to subsume their community under the privileged ‘schedule caste’ category.

  • #3626 submitted 03/25/2012: pug, in a pig's eye, multitudinous, Tellurian

    When the professor sounded excited and looked as though he seriously believed that George, a student of his class, was going to present to the panel a ‘well researched’ theory that ‘out of multitudinous species of Tellurians that grace this planet, only the pug breed of dog has the extraordinary power to first sense a looming earthquake’, George laughed out loud saying that ‘in a pig's eye the pugs have such unusal powers’, reminding the professor that it was the first day of the month April.

  • #3620 submitted 03/24/2012: pug, siesta, demarcate, adroit

    After finishing his task adroitly--thoroughly blending the clay in the pug mill and then ‘wedging’ by hand to remove any trapped air bubbles in the finished pottery wares--he took a short siesta, stretching himself out besides the inner side of the fence that demarcated the land of the two brothers.

  • #3615 submitted 03/22/2012: cant, perfusion, oppugn, moschate

    Asking me to calm down, he pointed towards that moschate, redolent drug bottle and informed us, the nurses, in cant whispers, that in order to oppugn and prevail over the patients' aggressive and stubborn denials to take oral medicine, perfusion was the only way forward.

  • #3610 submitted 03/21/2012: bravo, itchy trigger finger, tub-thumper, conniption

    He went into conniption fit seeing his arch rival earning generous bravo from the girl he so passionately vied for, and let his itchy trigger finger take control as he heartlessly kicked the stray dog that came around despite the fact that he was known to be a tub-thumper against cruelty to animals.

  • #3606 submitted 03/20/2012: enceinte, forethoughtful, unbolted, vernal

    Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati’s compromise with forethoughtfulness in failing to repair her image of an arrogant leader who created an enceinte around her from the public touch only unbolted a strong sense of anti-incumbency that brought the vernal in the hopes of the opposition’s camp.

  • #3603 submitted 03/19/2012: doxy, vaguery, élan, carp

    The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, inflicted with the doxy of communism, and with her signature élan on display particularly at the public meetings, kept carping about the recent railway fare hike announced in the federal budget, but later in the interview with Barka Dutt she could only air vaguery about her sense of current state of the Indian Railway's economy despite the fact that once she herself held that portfolio as a railway minister.

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