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Quandary Resolutions by jtothep

  • #5369 submitted 12/17/2013: hebetate, neotenous, pinnacle, cathexis

    To haughtily presume that the neotenous faces of h. sapiens sapiens, stemming from the failure of their brow ridges to jut forward during puberty, indicated a corresponding mental hebetude was the pinnacle of arrogance by h. neanderthalis, as said cathexis and the corresponding prideful disregard left them open to competition from the surprisingly wily newcomers.

  • #4681 submitted 04/11/2013: mens rea, covenstead, indissoluble, lilt

    The Welsh witches had sought for years to keep their circle of ritual stones safe from encroaching real-estate developers, and even a skeptic such as myself has to admit that the events of Thursday last have rendered that covenstead indissoluble, but the eerie musical lilt of their laughter as the flames consumed Aberystwyth suggested that a certain mens rea had replaced their earlier defensive intent.

  • #4626 submitted 03/31/2013: deus ex machina, wry, balneology, impawn

    In a classic case of deus ex machina, mere minutes before I was about to impawn my car to pay for bath salts and spa time for my balneology certification, my mother walked up and, with a wry smile, handed me $4,000 that her great-uncle, who had just died in a freak bathing accident, had left me.

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