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Quandary Resolutions by karnnan

  • #6415 submitted 08/05/2016: propitiate, only game in town, kith, cosmopolis

    It is the bane of out-of-towners with kith living in the city that in order to propitiate their demanding relatives they sometimes have to forego on all the hip happenings in the cosmopolis and go to family get-togethers pretending it is the only game in town.

  • #6354 submitted 06/01/2016: fetid, mansplain, exemplary, tickety-boo

    Tickety-boo! Tickety-boo! yelled the angry professor when fetid accusations of mansplaining during his 30 year long career were slung at him by left-wing media representatives during his Exemplary Educationer Award acceptance speech.

  • #6328 submitted 05/09/2016: licit, hillman, hubris, larruping

    The hillman displayed larruping licit hubris after having brought the big horned antelope down to the ground with his bare hands.

  • #6314 submitted 04/25/2016: truculent, total football, juxtapose, flivver

    The truculence of the team juxtaposed with a flivver of a coach crippled the total football tactic for the returning champions.

  • #5634 submitted 10/11/2014: orgulous, microcosm, derogate, yaff

    Derogating hecklers, orgulous argumentators and yaffing bigots all form, unfortunately, an integral part of this large and growing microcosm we call the internet.

  • #5623 submitted 08/21/2014: deportment, accismus, ragamuffin, flibbertigibbet

    Mixing accismus with a supercilious deportment, browsing the luxurious shops lining the high-class streets of London, she was a far cry from her earlier ragamuffin flibbertigibbet self.

  • #5620 submitted 08/14/2014: inculcate, teenybopper, aperçu, philology

    Five years spent in a college dorm had completely transformed her, all the rich ideas, and the philological temperament that had been painstakingly inculcated in her had been replaced with a teenybopper attitude; her conversations now dominated by über-consumerist aperçus about high-couture and designer apparel.

  • #5617 submitted 08/02/2014: pabulum, dolorous, jardiniere, interrobang

    She wished to give her new character a dolorous disposition; in fact, she wished to make herself over into a more serious writer by effecting a complete departure from her previous style of prose characterized by unsparing use of interrobangs and weak neologisms,  widely perceived as low-brow pabulum and panned for being frivolous - with one critic even comparing her style to a stale and unsavoury jardiniere served with an altogether unwholesome meal.

  • #5613 submitted 07/28/2014: harbinger, doula, numismatic, favonian

    Like the touch of an elderly doula filling one with motherly reassurance, the cheque for her first published book came like a favonian breeze, soothing and nurturing, a harbinger of the end of her numismatic troubles.

  • #5612 submitted 07/18/2014: proem, disinter, lèse-majesté, mot juste

    Contrary to its proem, which sironed a rather innocuous detailing of the minutiae from the lives of the members of the royal family, the autobiographical book of Mr. Jeeves - former butler to the queen - turned out to be a lèse majesté - an exposé disintering the glut, excess and libertinism prevailing in the royal family - making it the most sensational book in recent times to lay claim to the mot-juste.

  • #5610 submitted 07/12/2014: cocker, inveterate, hobbyhorse, shoat

    He was born after years of desperate trying, and so, in his initial years he was pampered immoderately, which might have just left him a disobedient and entitled adolescent had it been rectified later; but old habits proved inveterate, and continued cockering by parents through his youth meant that he jumped from one hobbyhorse to the next without so much as a thought, like a spoiled indisciplined shoat, finally ending up as a young man out of college with no  prospects and living in his parents' house.

  • #5604 submitted 06/25/2014: monkeyshine, flense, evince, peckish

    That the peckish owner chose to flense his pet seal in response to one of his routine monkeyshines evinced his underlying trouble with inordinate rage.

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