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Quandary Resolutions by logorrhea

  • #7917 submitted 06/02/2019: shoehorn, rubicon, circumspect, truefast, adj.

    The young psychonaut grew circumspect upon the realization that by crossing the Rubicon of imbibing the ancient ceremonial brew, he would embark on a journey unlike any other on his itinerary; one that would shoehorn him into the darkest realms of his mind, but would be a truefast guide on his trip to transcendence and hallucinogenic healing.

  • #3015 submitted 07/11/2011: chandler, inhere, raiment, trig

    A wave of anxiety nearly capsized the haberdasher as he waded through the flotsam of fabric and jettisoned raiment on the atelier floor, for he feared that the piece de resistance of his collection, a trig zoot suit of impeccable tailoring, would clash with the design principles that had inhered in his aesthetic over the years and had made him a successful chandler of men’s apparel.

  • #3007 submitted 07/10/2011: sprack, interstitial, eccentric, skylark

    Daunted by the rigorous exam that would seal their collegiate fates, the students commiserated over beers and blunts and engaged in sprack discussion over the merits of standardized testing; however, after several swig and drag sessions, the conversation (inevitably) waxed eccentric as they ruminated over whether their souls would skylark in heaven; face eternal damnation; or linger in that interstitial space between heaven and hell known as limbo, if they offed themselves in a suicide pact for failing the exam.

  • #3000 submitted 07/09/2011: sprack, mammothrept, dreadnought, patois

     The dreadnought pressed on against the surly sea with the intractability of a wayward mammothrept -insolent against mother nature as she buffeted the behemoth  with sprack waves and blustery winds, which drowned out the communication of the ship's crew whose squalls were not unlike the unintelligible patois of the citizens of Babel.

  • #2997 submitted 07/08/2011: adumbrate, moving spirit, penchant, patois

    Post accident, I engaged in a bit of mental multitasking in which I adumbrated the events that led up to my car being plowed into by a massive semi; thanked the moving spirit that allowed me to emerge from the accident unscathed; pondered my penchant for being accident prone; and wondered what the two officers on the scene were saying as they conversed in their policeman patois.

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