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Quandary Resolutions by mjrave

  • #3134 submitted 09/01/2011: refulgent, cohort, coruscate, substrate

    Captiain Fantastic's teen cohort, Johnny Nihilism, was moody and world-weary, of course, but under that substrate of cynicism there was sometimes a coruscation of incongruous optimism, refulgent with real joy.

  • #3130 submitted 08/30/2011: cicatrize, fistula, precatory, parergon

    The president of the NRA was married to the president of the ACLU, and this marriage served as a fistula between the two groups; after their divorce, when time had allowed their affairs to become cicatrized, both presidents shared precatory notions that the two groups could still cooperate, as if by parergon.

  • #3128 submitted 08/29/2011: recondite, sedecuple, quid pro quo, flounce

    Flounce around with the seemingly recondite secrets of Newton's 2nd law, and you will learn than the law is actually rather simple: increase the force by a factor of sixteen, and as if by quid pro quo, the acceleration will sedecuple.

  • #3121 submitted 08/26/2011: penurious, kibitz, colloquial, proclitic

    Whether you use the colloquial "I adjust" or the more formal, proclitic "j'adoube", the result is the same: you are allowed to change the penurious placement of your pieces, and scowl at the kibitzers while doing so.

  • #3118 submitted 08/25/2011: losel, walrus, whirligig, footle

    Dr. Montesquieu felt like a losel of a biologist, since his publications were meagre, his grants nonexistent, and his research just footling around in the dark; his work was one big jumbled whirligig: first the narwhal, then the walrus, then the sea lion and back again.

  • #3115 submitted 08/24/2011: mountebank, deciduous, homiletic, collogue

    Rufus knew that fall had arrived--not from the orange and red of the deciduous trees, nor from the homiletic talk of the traveling preachers, colloguing furtively with the gullible under tents by the river, nor even from the mountebanks selling snake-oil to the careworn harvesters--no, Rufus knew that fall had arrived because, in truth, the Western Iowa Mustangs were losing at football once again.

  • #3113 submitted 08/23/2011: nubile, sarong, expedite, hobson jobson

    The nubile young ticket clerk, wrapped in a traditional sarong, offered to expedite my journey to Beijing by booking a flight through Singapura; later, studying my ticket for the "Singapore to Peking" red-eye, I realized I had been thoroughly hobson jobsoned.

  • #3111 submitted 08/22/2011: parvenu, apograph, insouciance, glace

    The continued reappearance of the word "insouciance"--an unintended apograph on the website--cooled the interest of the parvenu logophile, much like glace in a glass of hot lemonade.

  • #3107 submitted 08/19/2011: billet, outrĂ©, insouciance, runic

    The insouciant mercenary was billeted in the pigsty, in part because of his outré behavior at the feast: in what was either a runic and profound gesture, or a churlish attempt at humor, he had poured soup over his own head and dubbed himself "Sir Gravy".

  • #3105 submitted 08/18/2011: talus, tenebrous, toplofty, purloin

    Having received an A+ in the mountaineering course (in part because of a purloined final exam key) Melvin was toplofty and overconfident; his mood changed to tenebrous, however, upon fracturing his talus while hiking in bunny slippers.

  • #3101 submitted 08/17/2011: marrow, halation, toplofty, jointure

    When the toplofty divorcée showed me the photos of her new Tiffany lamp, newly acquired from her ex-husband as jointure, and resplendent with unintended halation, I nodded with feigned interest; in reality I was sickened to the marrow that, all those years ago, I had chosen law over medicine.

  • #3099 submitted 08/16/2011: fugue, feme covert, defenestration, polysemous

    Having been caught in flagrante delicto with a decidedly feme covert, the bishop arose, walked fugue-like to the window, defenestrated his crozier, and cried "will you hold it against me, God?"--a phrase both subtle and polysemous.

  • #3095 submitted 08/15/2011: coronary, apposite, apocryphal, polemic

    I once heard that a firebrand separatist, having delivered a frothy polemic to dozens of rabid South Carolinians, collapsed forthwith from a massive coronary; and although the tale is likely apocryphal, I find it altogether fitting and apposite that he landed face-first in a bowl of grits.

  • #3090 submitted 08/12/2011: corolla, panga, fillip, mundify

    The pirate was feeling better, having exited the brothel to mundify himself of two bottles of cheap Madeira; and what is more, he had no known enemies, neither in Tunis, nor in Salé, nor among the Ottoman corsairs; so it was quite a shock, therefore, when Asad--having been filliped in the chest by a passing courtesan--looked down and saw a gleaming panga protruding from his chest, and a wine-dark corolla of blood around the blade.

  • #3088 submitted 08/11/2011: impresa, raggle-taggle, adventitious, billet

    The raggle-taggle couple were allowed to billet in the stables, their adventitious luck arising like the impresa of the Eastern star.

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